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the laborious implementation of the travel certificate


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A new two-page certificate appeared on Saturday, March 20, following the appearance of a new confinement and the change in the curfew schedule, causing many criticisms. A simplified certificate is being drafted on Saturday evening.

A new exceptional travel certificate is being drafted on Saturday, March 20, in the evening. Criticized for being too long, too complicated, the first certificate published on the night of Friday to Saturday confused many French people about the new health restrictions put in place in 16 departments. “Matignon officially announced it at the beginning of the afternoon: no more certificates for outings less than 10 kilometers around the home, proof of address is sufficient”, Indicates the journalist Catherine Demangeat, live from the hotel of Matignon, in Paris, for the 19/20 of France 3.

However, the certificate is still necessary if you do not live at your usual address or for trips over 10 kilometers.”, Adds the journalist. It also remains compulsory from 7 p.m., at the start of the curfew, and until 6 a.m. “On the sidelines of this mess, Gérald Darmanin asked the prefect to show understanding today before verbalizing ”, Concludes Catherine Demangeat.

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