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the Institut des Cultures d’Islam presents the Zone Franche exhibition

For several months, the place became the Paris-Goutte d’Or headquarters for the Africa2020 season. The multidisciplinary program of this temporary Pan-African cultural center offers some fifty events highlighting the artists of the continent and their outlook on the world.

As part of the Africa2020 Season, the Institut des Cultures d’Islam (France), in partnership with Think Tanger (Morocco) and Doual’art (Cameroon), present Zone Franche, “a collective adventure, driven by the same desire to interact with the urban ecosystems that gave them birth“. From the testimonies of a hundred creators, actors and local experts, these three cultural and artistic structures co-created this event”taking the form of an autonomous poetic and symbolic space“.

The title of the exhibition Zone Franche has been chosen “when we became aware of the economic and commercial enclaves that shape each of these territories: the Goutte d’Or, pregnant with migrants and goods from Africa and elsewhere; Tangier and Douala, port citadels supplying the whole world with their above-ground productions. (…) The Free Zone, as supported by our three contemporary art centers, is above all intended to be an opposite of the exclusion inherent in the economic and legal concept.“, explains Princess Marilyn Douala Manga Bell, co-curator and president of Doual’art.

The selection of artists was conceived as a set of alternative narratives and points of view that participate in the exploration of this Free Zone.“, specifies Hicham Bouzid and Amina Mourid, the co-curators and artistic directors of Think Tanger.

Contrary to the enclave it usually designates, this Free Zone explores the movement of travelers, goods and imaginaries beyond material or invisible limits.“, declares for her part Bérénice Saliou, also co-curator and artistic director of the Institute of Cultures of Islam (ICI).

Photographs, installations, paintings, videos, games … form the route of this event divided into three axes: This (s) who cross (s) the borders ; Interstices of globalization and Intangible connections.

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Due to the Covid, the exhibition visible until August 1, 2021 is temporarily closed, but accessible online.

11 works illustrate this point.

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