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the hypothesis of stricter confinement divides the French


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France 2

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F. Griffond, S. Soubane, F. Prabonnaud, M. Birden, P. Maire, A. D’Abrigeon

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France 2

France Televisions

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, assumed, Thursday evening March 25, his decision not to have put France under a bell in January. However, will we be able to escape a third confinement in the medium term?

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Even if Emmanuel Macron has assumed and justified his decision not to have reconfined France in January, experts are concerned and the issue of new confinement is on everyone’s mind. Indeed, at Tenon Hospital in Paris, caregivers are under extreme stress due to the massive influx of Covid patients. “We are very clearly in an explosive increase in indicators with precious and rare beds. We are very worried“, judge Doctor Muriel Fartoukh, head of the intensive care unit.

During the week of March 15 to 21, the number of Covid cases increased by 17%, hospitalizations by 11% and intensive care admissions by 9%. So, is there a need for stricter containment? The French are divided. “It is not necessary to confine people because they will always need to go out “, judges a young man.” We should have taken measures much earlier and more stringent“, considers, for her part, an elderly woman.

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