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The Humeyra family wants concrete measures from the police after racist reports | NOW

The family of the murdered Humeyra demands concrete measures from the police against the Rotterdam officers who spoke racially and hurtfully about the death of the sixteen-year-old student. This is reported by lawyer Richard Korver, who was hired by the next of kin to take steps. The family also blames the police for not immediately communicating with them transparently about the hurtful messages.

According to Humeyra’s family, the measures that the police have now taken against the Rotterdam agents are “insufficient.” If no measures are taken as a result of the statements about the murdered student, legal action will be considered, Korver tells .

Last month, the police were reprimanded for racist texts in the so-called ‘Jan Smit app group’. In that WhatsApp group, the agents also spoke discriminating and hurtful about the murder of Humeyra, reported NRC Wednesday based on police sources. The agents wrote, among other things, “one Turk less” when they talked about the case surrounding the murdered student.

The statements of the police in the app group would put the conclusions of the Justice & Security Inspectorate about the failure of the police in the case in a completely different light, says Korver on behalf of the family. “The failure of the government and the police in particular – to provide Humeyra with the protection she needed – takes on a particularly nasty odor.”

Humeyra was shot dead in December 2018 by her 32-year-old ex-boyfriend Bekir E. at the bicycle shed of the Rotterdam Design College. E. had stalked and threatened her for years and Humeyra was insufficiently protected by, among others, the police and the Public Prosecution Service, the Inspectorate concluded.

Police call used texts “inappropriate and hurtful”

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In a response, the police said that the relevant officers made the comment on January 15, 2019. The reason for this would have been E.’s confession and expression of regret. The agents are said to know E. from the work area and out of frustration have made comments that, according to the police, were “intended to be cynical towards the judiciary”, because E.’s expression of regret could possibly result in a lower sentence.

“The texts they used are inappropriate and hurtful and they now also realize that this can be read and interpreted differently.”

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