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The haters captured the frog comic as their mascot – the artist took up the fight – TV & movies

Artist Matt Furie could not have guessed where his temperate frog would end up.

In the beginning there was a picture of a man, a marker and a frog. Or, in fact, many pictures, for Matt Furie had drawn frogs at a young age. After years of college, he came up with a start Boy’s Club comic, where you got to put your own experiences and friends.

How did its mild frog figure Pepe end up as a mascot of American extreme right-wing hatred and white domination?

Feels Good Man The name of the documentary comes from the Furie cartoon, where Pepe tried peeing on his pants at the ankles. Pepe’s sentence became a hokema, and the character a meme.

There are such strange and wonderful twists and turns in the story that Arthur Jonesin the documentary should be viewed with a pillow in your lap squeezing so that the chin does not snap sore chest.

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In Finland, there is talk of stern chamber boys, in America, similar types land in the mother’s basement to kick junk food junk and sway online. The sad-looking Pepe fell behind as the cellar crew and their 4chan sites took it upon themselves.

There were only a few frog jumps left Donald Trumpin to the presidential campaign in which all means were allowed.

Memes are not just playing. Supplier Adam Serwer talks about the culture of anxiety.

– Alt-right uses Pepe supposedly with a joke, but they’re serious. They want to make others fear and at the same time ashamed of their fear.

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And what did cartoonist Matt Furie do – a laid back and humane man who wasn’t a little startled when Pepe was snatched into the depths of the internet?

Furie had not meant his frog to be an internet meme used by the far right.­

He has since tried to capture his creation back to himself. In part, it has succeeded.

Feels Good Man on Sunday Theme & Fem 22.05

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