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The Greens accept restrictions on movement: “Eventually this virus will stop” – Politics

Emma Kari, the chairman of the parliamentary group, told about it in her tweet.

At the parliamentary group meeting, the Greens approved restrictions on movement. Emma Kari, the chairman of the parliamentary group, tweeted about the matter.

– The corona situation is worse than ever during this crisis. The Green Parliamentary Group has discussed restrictions on freedom of movement and close contacts. The Green Parliamentary Group is ready to support the proposal. These are heavy restrictions on fundamental rights that are not and should not be an easy solution. The disease situation is very serious. Experts have considered the new restrictions necessary to protect people’s lives and health, Kari says at the beginning of her tweet chain.

He considers it important that support measures for children and young people be strengthened, as the corona crisis is also a “crisis of mental health and loneliness”.

– In constraints, it is important to take into account the situation of single and diverse families. These have been taken into account in the presentation. We have also considered it important that communication on action is strong and clear. The fight against the disease needs to be stepped up by focusing vaccinations on the worst epidemic areas in the region, based on the recommendations of KRAR, once the previously identified early target groups have been extensively vaccinated.

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According to Kari, all means must be put in place to combat the disease. One is the mask compulsion that must be prepared according to Kari for the Infectious Diseases Act.

– Laws and regulations alone do not stop the virus, but the disease only stops when each of us reduces our physical contact. Eventually, this virus will stop. We will cope with this together, Kari decides.

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