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The Government’s objective of vaccinating 80% of those over 80 years of age before April fails due to the lack of doses

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    Health opens the door to vaccinating people over 65 with AstraZeneca

Target missed. At the end of March, the Government’s plan to immunize 80% of those over 80 before the end of the month it has come a long way from coming true. The vast majority of the autonomous communities have only given the first vaccine to around 60% of the citizens who are in this age group. And the percentage of people already immunized with the two doses is not even close. It is usually around 30%. Waiting for the process to accelerate with the massive arrival of new vaccines, the balance is clearly negative.

The National Executive does not offer aggregate data on the vaccination of those over 80 years of age, as most European countries do. But EL MUNDO has compiled the information from the autonomous communities and the percentages inoculated are far from the initial objective. But, despite this, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, hopes that Spain will reach the vaccination goal of this group “in the next two weeks”.

People born in 1941 or earlier are one of the priority groups in the National Vaccination Strategy, since international investigations indicate that SARS-CoV-2 attacks them with more force. That is, they are more likely to develop a serious condition if they contract the infection. They are administered mRNA-based vaccines, that is, those of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

If the autonomous communities have not given more vaccines it is, fundamentally, for lack of dose. It is something that several of the regional governments consulted point out: the process could be greatly accelerated depending on the protocol “and how many doses come from Janssen”. This vaccine, made by the multinational Johnson and Johnson, arriving in Europe on April 19 and it only requires one dose to provide immunity, obviously cutting the whole process in half. Darias has pointed out that “in one quarter, only with the Janssen vaccine, we will be able to immunize 5.5 million people”.


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For those born in 1941 or earlier, Andaluca reports the following official data (until March 29): at least one dose to 336,153 people of the 483,502 registered (69.5% of the total). And the complete guideline at 232,013 out of 483,502 (47.98%). This community has begun injecting the general population under 65 with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Valencian Community

65% of people over 80 years of age have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the Valencian Community, and 38% have already inoculated the two doses prescribed by laboratories to achieve the optimal degree of immunization. against the coronavirus.

Madrid’s community

Until last week the nurses of the health centers of the Community of Madrid administered 307,902 vaccines from the Pfizer pharmacy to people over 80 years of age, of which 202,832 have received the first dose (61.4%) and 105,070 have already received the two doses (31.8%), according to sources from the government of Isabel Daz Ayuso. Madrid has paralyzed the process for this group from Thursday to Sunday, since the administration for the elderly is done in health centers, which will remain closed.


Catalonia does not have an aggregate data on how many over 80 years have been vaccinated, since it breaks down their statistics into several sections, and the elderly are included in three of them, according to sources from the Generalitat. The first is that of “highly dependent people”: 73% of them have received the first dose and 60% the full regimen. The second is that of “people aged 80 and over”, simply: only 22.9% have been fully vaccinated, and the first dose does not increase the percentage much (37%). The third subgroup is that of “institutionalized people”, who are those who are in residences and social health centers. This is the group most vaccinated: 91.3% have received both doses.


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In Galicia, almost 60% of those over 80 have already received “some dose”. “We continue vaccinating throughout the Holy Week, including holidays,” they explain in the Xunta, where they emphasize that this autonomous region has a higher number of seniors than other communities. The forecast is to have vaccinated all citizens of this age group “at the end of April,” according to sources from Alberto Nez Feijo’s team.

Castilla la Mancha

It is followed in this ranking by Castilla-La Mancha, where 106,557 vaccines have been given to people over 80 years of age. That is, 60% of this age group has been vaccinated, with data from the beginning of the week. “Our objective is to complete the process with this group in two weeks”, they point out in the Board, “and to have also vaccinated all those over 70 at the end of May.” “Meanwhile, we will also continue with AstraZeneca depending on the availability of the vaccines that reach us.”


In the Region of Murcia, there are 49,303 people over 80 years of age who have already received at least one dose. This is a coverage of 69.6%. Of these, 39,364 are vaccinated solely because of their age (they are not in residences or are large dependents). And there are 31,527 octogenarians (or older) who have received the second dose in total. 55.6% of the total.

Castilla and Len

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the population over 80 years of Castilla y Len amounts to 223,657 people. The first dose has been administered to 147,649 people over 80 years of age, representing 66% of the total, according to sources from the executive chaired by Alfonso Fernández Maueco.


In Extremadura, 57.5% of those over 80 years of age who live at home (and not in residences) have been vaccinated. The population to be vaccinated over 80 years of age in Extremadura is 72,900 people. “As of March 29, 41,916 over the age of 80 had been vaccinated. 17,630 have already received the two doses and 24,286 one dose,” they explain from the Extremadura Board.

Basque Country

In the Basque Country, 100% of the first doses of vaccines have been given to those over 90 years of age and 55.6% to citizens between 80 and 89. The ratio of second doses falls dramatically in this last range, where only 15.1% have been inoculated.


In Aragon, 63% of people born before 1942 have already received a shot from the Covid-19 vaccine, and 34.6%, the two that are necessary to obtain immunity. “In a couple of weeks it is expected to have everyone vaccinated,” they point out in the autonomous government chaired by Javier Lambn, where they add that they have inoculated 85% of the available doses.


The Principality is the autonomous region with the most advanced vaccination for those over 80 years of age. In fact, anticipate completing it next week. 62% of people aged 80 to 89 have received one dose and 29.7% both. In those over 90 years of age, the percentages rise to 91% and 65%, respectively.

The Rioja

Until last week – in the absence of updated data – 65% of the people in this age group in La Rioja had received the first dose of the vaccine. And 20% already had immunity against the virus, having received both doses of the drug from Pfizer.


The Minister of Health of the Government of Navarra, Santos Indurin, has confirmed that every day of Easter, including holidays, there will be vaccination, “with the prospect that everyone over 80 years of age will have the first dose on when the week ends. Easter “. “This will be a reality and for us it is very important due to the vulnerability of these older groups,” he said.


In the region presided over by Miguel Ángel Revilla, the latest data provided indicates that half of those over 80 years of age have still not received the vaccine. But this autonomous region has scheduled a massive vaccination at Easter with a special plan to immunize 2,500 people. They ensure that everyone over 80 will be vaccinated with the first dose pending.

Canary Islands

The group over 80 years of age in the Canary Islands is already vaccinated 77% with one dose, but only 21.7% with both. The island government is immunizing both large household dependents and the population aged between 60 and 65 years, in addition to essential groups.


In the Balearic Islands, the island government assures that it is preparing to conclude, this week and the next, the first doses of all those over 80 years of age.

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