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Home Business The Government limits aid to Madrid by having confined less
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The Government limits aid to Madrid by having confined less

Distribution as a function of the fall in GDP

Monday, March 29, 2021 – 01:40

The Government of Isabel Daz Ayuso considers it unfair to obtain less money after trying to contain the recession

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Ayuso, in an appearance with Lasquetty.

The decision of the Government of Daz Ayuso to avoid strict confinements of the hotel industry and commerce relegates you in the distribution of direct aid in the Ministry of Finance, having suffered a serious recession, but somewhat less acute than in other communities.

The María Jess Montero Department calculates the bulk of the distribution, two-thirds, based on the indicator of income of each autonomous community, which measures the decline in GDP in 2020, moderate as a function of the relative prosperity of each of them. In addition, it takes into account the evolution of youth unemployment, Inter alia.

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According to a statement from the Madrid Minister of Finance, this criterion of the fall in GDP last year is based on a mere estimate and hurts them. The Government penalizes that the Community of Madrid starts with levels of GDP and unemployment better than the national average, especially in youth unemployment, which results unfair and discriminatory. The damage here is twofold, given that Madrid registers a less intense recession thanks, among other factors, to the strategy of less restrictions applied by the Community, and the distribution of the Treasury, in addition, penalizes based on income per unit registered in 2017, 2018 and 2019, which makes no sense or any relation to the pandemic, says the department that directs Javier Fernndez-Lasquetty.

His statement corroborates the data published by EL MUNDO last Saturday and is that the Community of Madrid has been relegated to tenth place in the distribution in terms per inhabitant, which is a common reference to measure the proportionality of an autonomous fund. In absolute figures, the Community of Madrid has assigned 679, 2 million out of a total of 5,000 million. Madrid receives 13.6% of that amount, far from its contribution to national GDP (19.3%) and below its population weight (14.3%), the regional statement maintains.

CataloniaHowever, it receives 19.9% ​​of the fund, above its contribution to the national GDP (19%) and its population weight (16.2%). And the same thing happens with the Valencian Community, which receives 12.9%, also above its contribution to GDP (9.3%) and its population (10.6%). Other communities of the Popular Party have also protested this distribution.

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