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The George Floyd trial continued in the United States – Abroad

The trial against ex-police officer Derek Chauvin, which began on Monday, continued with the hearing of prosecutor witnesses.

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A black man who died in custody George Floydin former police officer accused of death Derek Chauvinin the trial continued in Minneapolis, USA on Tuesday.

A follow-up to the witness statement, which was interrupted by technical problems on Monday, was first heard, and the prosecutor then called other witnesses.

Floyd’s death contributed to the launch of large-scale racial demonstrations across the United States last summer, raising awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement against police violence around the world.

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Chauvin is charged with murder and, alternatively, with the death penalty. He can receive a 40-year sentence for murder.

On Monday, a startling video filmed by a bystander, made famous, was shown in court, in which Chauvin pressed Floyd on his knee from the neck for several minutes.

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On the first day of the trial, Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson said Floyd was under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest and opposed the arrest. According to Nelson, Floyd’s death was affected not only by drug use but also by his previous health problems.

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At autopsy, Floyd’s body found traces of the morphine-related strong painkiller fentanyl, but the autopsy report found the man’s death was pressure on the neck.

Nelson also urged the jury to ignore the political and social issues involved in the case.

Justice is conducted in a closely guarded courtroom. The trial is expected to take about a month. Trials of the other three police officers involved in the arrest are scheduled for later this year.

Nelson had asked for Chauvin’s trial to be adjourned and moved out of Minneapolis because the city of Minneapolis had agreed to pay $ 27 million, or more than $ 22.5 million, in compensation to Floyd’s family. Judge Peter Cahill however, rejected the request.

The lawsuit will be presented live on major U.S. channels and has been described as a “milestone” and a sign of how far the U.S. has come in its equality efforts.

According to the White House, so is the president Joe Biden follow events closely.

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