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The Generalitat agrees with Endesa to cancel the debt of more than 35,000 Catalan families


The company will assume 28 of the 38.7 million euros unpaid since 2015 and half of the future debt of households in a vulnerable situation

Presentation of the agreement.
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  • Catalonia.

    The Generalitat negotiates with Endesa while energy poverty persists

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    Christmas in the dark in Catalonia paid for electricity blackouts

After more than five years of stalled negotiations between the Administration, Endesa and various social entities, the Generalitat de Catalua has reached an agreement with the company for the forgiveness of the defaults of vulnerable families.

The pact establishes the removal for 35,518 households of 38.7 million euros not paid since 2015, as explained today by the acting counselor for Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Chakir el Homrani, which has guaranteed that the judicial processes in force for this matter will also be terminated.

Electricity will assume all the debt from July 2015 to December 2018 and half of the 21 million generated from 2019 to 2020. The other half of these last two years will correspond to the Administration (75% the Generalitat and 25% the supramunicipal corporations).

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In this way, Endesa end up assuming around 28 million euros, 72% of the debt contracted by families at social risk since the entry into force of the Law 24/2015, of urgent measures to face the emergency in the area of ​​housing and energy poverty. Likewise, to prevent future defaults, it has been agreed to create a Solidarity Care Fund in order to avoid the generation of new debts. To this fund they will contribute 50% Endesa and administrations.

Since its approval, more than five years ago, the regional law has prevented utility companies from cutting off the electricity to families at risk, a rule that has not always been respected. Since then, the non-payment of bills had amounted to 38.7 million euros due to the lack of agreement between Endesa and the Catalan public administrations, who demanded that the company assume part of the position.

The Alliance Against Energy Poverty, which brings together various social entities, has signed this agreement, but considers it a first step in its struggle: “Endesa has been the first major company to fall, but we will not rest until the rest of the oligopoly companies, including Naturgy e Iberdrola, sign the same agreement in the near future. ”

For her part, the president of the Table of the Third Social Sector, Francina Alsina, has warned of the increase in households at risk of exclusion: “If before the crisis of the Covid there were 35,518 Catalan families in a situation of energy poverty, this figure will rise in the coming months “.

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