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“The French are paying the bet of Emmanuel Macron,” said Karima Delli, MEP EELV

The head of the list of the union of the left in the regional elections in Hauts-de-France also believes that the government has “failed on the masks, on the tests and on the vaccine policy” by lacking in anticipation.
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For EELV MEP Karima Delli, the current health situation in the country faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, “is a disaster that was planned”. “The French are paying the bet of Emmanuel Macron”, declared on franceinfo the head of the left list for regional elections in Hauts-de-France. Karima Delli would like the regions to have a role in the area of ​​health.

“Why are we a little at the same level today as at the start of the crisis a year ago?”, asks the elected ecologist. “It must be said quite strongly: this government failed. It first failed on the masks, it failed on the tests and on the vaccine policy. Nothing was anticipated and it is there for me , the great catastrophe. “ The candidate of the left in Hauts-de-France for the regional believes that it was necessary “listen to scientists” who “have been sounding the alarm for many weeks now, they were saying very well that the English variant was going to accelerate the contamination”.

Karima Delli cites the example of Dunkirk in the North where she visited in early February: “With the elected officials, we shouted into the void. But Mr. Véran only arrived at the end of February”. The elected officials of Dunkirk then asked that the school holidays be brought forward by a few days to try to break the progression of the epidemic. “We were not heard and there is a problem. This health crisis management policy has never been made with local elected officials.”

“We apply methods without looking at what is happening on the ground”

Karima Delli

to franceinfo

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“It is high time for health competence to be a shared competence of the regions”, suggests Karima Delli. If she was at the head of the Hauts-de-France region “There would be a prevention policy and a health policy. Of course, this is not the competence of the region, but I would have taken this competence”, she assures.

Should we strengthen containment and close schools? “If scientists lead us to tell ourselves that containment must be put in place, I would bow to the decision”, answers Karima Delli. Regarding schools “we must anticipate “. “Have we armed our schools? Have we hired more assistant teachers? Have we set up real digital tools for all these children who did not have access to digital technology? These questions had to be asked before. Today, we are still waiting to be up against the wall to be able to answer them “, annoys the candidate for regional elections.

Karima Delli also believes that he “teleworking must be made compulsory” in companies and is surprised that we do not do it.

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