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The form of living affects the choice of car, as many do not have the opportunity to charge a car at home – Cars

Rechargeable cars are becoming more widespread, but a large number of Finns do not yet have the opportunity to charge their car at home.

Rechargeable cars, ie rechargeable hybrids and cordless electric cars, have been Finland’s fastest growing car group for a couple of years now. Last year, the share of rechargeable cars in first registrations increased to about 18 percent; the share of rechargeable hybrids increased to about 14 percent and all-electric cars to about 4 percent.

The number of rechargeable hybrids has more than doubled in the last five years, and the number of electric cars has increased about 20-fold. The growth curves are at a steep angle upwards, while the popularity of diesel, for example, is declining among new cars.

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The ongoing propulsion revolution in passenger cars is inevitable. The share of rechargeable cars in the automotive propulsion forecast is estimated to grow to just over 40 percent by 2025. Initially, rechargeable hybrids are particularly popular, but the popularity of all-electric cars will grow, especially after 2025, estimates the Automotive Information Center.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to charge their car at home yet. According to Statistics Finland’s latest available data (from 2019), about two million Finns live in apartment buildings, where the need to have recharging points has only recently begun to wake up.

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According to Statistics Finland, there are more than three million dwellings in Finland, of which 46.9 per cent are apartment buildings, 37.9 per cent detached houses, terraced houses 13.5 per cent and the rest other forms of housing. In small houses, ie the so-called. About 3.3 million Finns live in detached houses and terraced houses. The charging arrangements for the car to be charged to them are much easier to implement than with apartment building suites, even if the costs of installing a wall charger, for example, are incurred for detached house suits.

There is no one-size-fits-all propulsion solution.

However, for about 60 per cent of Finns, charging a car overnight, for example, is already a relatively easy procedure, and as city charging points increase, coverage will reach two-thirds very soon.

Instead, obtaining a car that can be recharged for one third of the citizens is challenging when there is simply no possibility to recharge at home.

The car industry has been forced to produce more low-emission cars because of the EU’s emission reduction targets, and currently the solution to the challenge is rechargeable cars.­

The kind of new cars that are made also determines the direction of the future, not the living conditions of Finns. Finland is such a small factor in the car market that it is not taken into account in any way in the big picture. Petrol and diesel passenger cars will certainly be produced throughout the 2020s, although more and more car manufacturers have already announced that they will cease production of internal combustion cars altogether by either 2025 or 2030.

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Naturally, the choice of a car is influenced by many other factors: the purchase price, the intended use, the most suitable driving force for the economy (depending on the annual driving performance), the size, the possibility to use the towbar and, for example, performance and traction.

There is no one-size-fits-all propulsion solution, and there is not even one in sight during the 2020s.

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