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The first Swedish Championship sign for Villas ladies

The players gathered in a large pile and celebrated when the final signal sounded and they shouted: “Swedish Championship gold, Swedish Championship gold”.

With six minutes left of regular time, Ida Friman ran through and put in 5-3, raised a backhand, free with Isabelle Larsson in the VSK goal. It put an end to a long even final. Shooting queen Tilda Ström had to finish the shooting by making 6-3 and end up in the goal record.

At the beginning of the second half, Västerås equalized to 3-3 after a heavy distance shot up in the net by Emelie Åkerlund.

There was a lot of commotion when the ball bounced on VSK’s goal line several times before the referee blew a penalty for Villa with 20 minutes left. Västerås Galina Mikhailova was sent off for sabotage in a decisive advantage position in the pile of players. Isabelle Larsson made a double save on Matilda Svenler’s penalty. Half a minute later, the same Svenler pulled in 4-3 on a corner for Villa. Villa then had a player sent off and did not create anything special during that period.

Taste start for Villa

After 6.41 Julia Wallgren drew 1-0 for Villa after a right corner. She stood like the other shooter and shot the ball. In the 13th minute, Charlotte Västerås Selbekk cut in 1-1 after a free kick variant. From a very narrow angle on the right side, she hit the ball between goalkeeper Pernilla Elardt’s leg protection.

– We have trained in a couple of variants. Because it became such a narrow angle, I just tried to get the ball on goal and create something, says Selbekk.

Two penalties in two minutes

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Two penalties were awarded within two minutes in the middle of the first game.

Villa made it 2-1 after their penalty. VSK’s goalkeeper Isabelle Larsson made an excellent parade on Sanna Gustafsson’s penalty. On the return, Lisa Östman rushed forward and hit the ball.

– We are super tagged and want this match. We have won 19 matches and want to win the 20th, says Östman about Villa’s hunger with many won second balls and returns.

When VSK got their penalty, Villa’s goalkeeper Pernilla Elardt parried Bella Aronsson’s shot to a goalless corner.

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Shortly afterwards, VSK would still equalize to 2-2. Ingrid Heien Bjonge pulled away a lyre on a free kick at the rim on the right edge. She saw the high-pitched ball sail all the way into the goal. Elardt was surprised and did not reach the ball.

25 wins out of 25 possible

At 3-2, Matilda Svenler shaved in a return that VSK’s goalkeeper Isabelle Larsson released straight after Tilda Ström’s long shot.

Villa won the Swedish Cup against Västerås in the autumn, won the basic series after a full pot with 17 wins and beat Skutskär in the Swedish Championship semis with 14-0 in total after two matches. In total, Villa won 25 matches out of as many as possible this season.

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