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The Finnish national team skier is seriously considering ending his career – Cross-country skiing

One familiar name from the Finnish cross-country team may shine with its absence next season.

Jasmi Joensuu and Johanna Matintalo grabbed Anne Kyllösen, 33, and Laura Monosen, 36, places in the message team at the World Championships, but Kyllönen is not worried about his position in the cross-country team.

– I think it is positive that there will be competition. When I got up Amplifier (Fall) at the time of the head coach, the competition was insanely fierce. At that time, six Finns could be among the top 12, so they never knew who was in the message, Kyllönen ran on the closing day of the Ristijärvi Finnish Championships.

– The competition situation is extremely good, and now it would be important to take the national team well forward, because there are sprinters, an old guard that skis both distances and then those that are good on long distances.

Krista Pärmäkoski, 30, will be the number one cannon of the national team next season, and Kerttu Niskanen, 32, is probably a standard name after getting his feet in shape.

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Mononen said on Saturday that he is carefully considering continuing his career.

– I will inform if necessary.

Continuing or stopping?

– From both. We have to think about it, Mononen replied.

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