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The Finnish CS player made a tough decision in a difficult situation – resulting in the complete humiliation of his opponents – Esports

In a difficult situation, the Finnish CS player made a daring decision – the result was the complete humiliation of the opponents

Counter-Strike player Niko “Choco” Munukka won a difficult situation in the ESEA Advanced League playoffs on Wednesday, where he was alone against four players.

Munukka, who played for, won round number 12 with a daring decision that downright humiliated his opponents.

In a difficult-looking situation, Munukka initially received two kills in a row at the A-bomb site, but he was left with only two life points. After setting off the bomb, he immediately set off to turn opponents on his back through the terrorists ’starting point towards the center of the map.

Circling through the starting point to the opponents back took just over 20 seconds off the clock, but the end result could not have been more successful. Munukka was able to surprise both remaining opponents, who could not wait at all for the Finn to defend the bomb from the so-called link.

- Advertisement - eventually won map 16-9 and the entire series 2-1. Munukka was the top name of his team on the decisive map: in addition to the 1vs4 victory, he received a total of 28 kills, died 11 times and inflicted damage for 101.68 points per round.

The games of the Finnish team will continue with the second round match on Sunday. Advanced is the third highest in the ESEA League series. Below it are Open as well as Intermediate and above are Advanced as well as Premier. has been one of the hot CS teams in Finland at the beginning of the year. The team placed second in Elisa’s CS league, winning even a map from HAVU in the final, but remained a blockbuster in the Series last weekend.

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