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the films of the life of Charlotte Gainsbourg

INTERVIEWEvery Saturday for one hour in Clap !, the cinema specialist of Europe 1, Mathieu Charrier, takes a tour of the news of the seventh art. Each week, a guest, whether or not he or she is from the world of cinema, submits to a personal questionnaire on the films of his life. This Saturday, the actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg lent herself with sincerity to this game.

Your first memory of cinema?

“I know it’s Jaws. My mother took me to see him without knowing what she proposed to me and my sister … I think I was 4 years old! The release date, it seems to me, is 1975. It traumatized me for life. The sea, for me, is over, it’s annoying.

Your best memory in the dining room?

Perhaps E.T. I would like to find others but I do not know any more. E.T. it was a very, very, very vivid memory.

The film that you would have liked to see in the cinema?

There are plenty. There I think about the film The Third Man, but there are plenty of films that I discovered at the time of the VHS.

The movie that you love and that you are ashamed to love?

I am not at all ashamed, moreover it is this film my strongest memory in the cinema: it is Grease. Because I think I was 6 or 7 years old, I don’t know anymore, but that’s the strongest memory. And today I see again Grease with my children so it’s not at all a shameful memory. Even if we have to admit it, all the same, at my age …

Which movie have you seen the most?

In fact, there were movies that we saw every Christmas like Oliver Twist, musical comedy. It really was every Christmas, so maybe this is the one I saw the most.

The most beautiful movie scene according to you?

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Maybe in Casablanca, when he is at the piano, with the famous “Play it again, Sam”. I have seen this film a lot.

Which movie makes you laugh the most?

I think it is Santa Clause is garbage, but the piece filmed. But also the Monty Pythons anyway.

The soundtrack that has marked your life the most?

I think it’s that of Midnight Cowboy because it was that of my sister Kate’s father, John Barry. It’s a great soundtrack. “

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