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The father of the inspector who suffered during the arrest of poachers spoke about his son and his work

In Buryatia, they began to investigate a criminal case on the use of violence by poachers against the state inspector of the Altacheysky reserve, Sergei Krasikov. In October last year, according to the victim himself, the offenders, who were detained by the man, hit him in a car while trying to escape. However, a criminal case was initially opened against Krasikov himself – he allegedly exceeded his official powers during his arrest. The Russian environmental community rose to defend the inspector. Sergei’s father, who works in the reserve with his son and was present on the night of the arrest of the violators, told RT about what had happened and about the difficulties of the work of state inspectors in Russia.

In Buryatia, the investigation of a criminal case on causing bodily harm to the State Inspector of the Altacheysky Reserve of the Baikalsky Biosphere Reserve Sergei Krasikov has begun.

In October 2020, he took part in the arrest of five poachers. The perpetrators hit him in a car while trying to escape from the scene of the crime. However, the case was initiated not against the poachers, but against the huntsman – abuse of office: he allegedly shot at the violators and beat one of the detainees with the butt of a gun, breaking his rib and smashing his head.

When the story went public, colleagues and representatives of the Russian environmental community stood up for Krasikov, and a petition in support of him, published on the website, has already collected more than 116 thousand signatures. It also became known that a criminal case on causing injuries to the state inspector was nevertheless opened.

According to RT Krasikov, last week he was interrogated for the first time as a victim.

“They interviewed me and my father. Thanks to the resonance that went everywhere in our country, people began to be indignant. But it is too early to say what will happen next, ”said Krasikov.

According to him, the criminal case of abuse of power was sent to the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow. Criminal cases against poachers – about illegal hunting and running into an inspector – are in the hands of investigators in Buryatia.

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The lawyer of the injured state inspector Igor Sayenko, in an interview with RT, explained that a criminal case on hitting Sergei was initiated under Part 1 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (infliction of violence, not dangerous to life and health, against a government official). However, Sayenko believes that there are grounds to classify the offense committed against Krasikov under the more serious part of this article.

“As a representative of the victim, I believe that since a car (a means of increased danger) was used as a crime instrument, I see the presence of corpus delicti under Part 2 of Art. 318 (infliction of violence dangerous to life and health against a government official), the lawyer emphasizes.

Personalities of poachers

Lawyer Igor Sayenko also clarified that the identity of the person who drove the car at the time of the collision with Sergey was established, as were the identities of four other offenders who were engaged in illegal hunting in the Altacheysky reserve. The lawyer did not disclose their names.

Sergey Krasikov’s management conducted its own investigation and allegedly calculated their social media accounts. So, the director of the Baikal Biosphere Reserve, Vasily Sutula, told reporters that one of the alleged poachers had friends with the ex-head of the UOOOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Buryatia.

Also, the head of the reserve found out that another likely violator who wrote a statement against Krasikov is married to the sister of the first. Another possible violator, judging by the information in social networks, graduated from the East Siberian Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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“I have probably served in the authorities for some time,” Sutula suggests.

RT managed to contact one of the alleged poachers, but he declined to comment on the situation.

“He’s a hero”

Vladimir Burmatov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, told RT that he considers the criminal prosecution against Sergei Krasikov outrageous, stressing that the state inspector must be protected.

“I think he is a hero, he acted like a hero. What is happening around him now is a form of disgrace that must be dealt with. He acted not just as an inspector, he acted as a patriot, as a person who is not indifferent, and it was such a story that could end sadly for him. He was injured, he received a concussion, a fracture, ”the deputy recalled.

Burmatov added that the situation around the inspector is closely monitored not only by the employees of specially protected areas, but also by the poachers themselves. According to him, if everything ends in favor of the violators, this will be a signal for them that in such situations the inspectors will receive not a reward for the courage shown during the arrest of criminals, but a criminal case.

“They will rub their hands and continue to throw mud at the inspectors, the guards of natural areas. We adopted a law that gave the inspectors the opportunity to really effectively protect specially protected natural areas, gave them the authority. If this law is not implemented, it is unacceptable. Therefore, it is a matter of honor to protect Sergei Krasikov, we will not surrender him, we will fight for him, “the interlocutor of RT concluded.

Representatives of the Russian environmental community view the situation with Krasikov as a signal that changes should be made to the law regulating the work of state inspectors.

Thus, the chairman of the All-Russian ecological public movement “Green Russia”, a member of the public council under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Kurchenkov, expressed the opinion that the powers of inspectors should be expanded.

“If we talk about the state, then we need to consider the law on abuse of authority and expand the powers of inspectors up to the use of firearms,” Kurchenkov said. – The process of detention itself is unpredictable actions on the part of poachers, malefactors, criminals, let’s call a spade a spade. No matter how the circumstances develop, acquittals should be in the defense of those who fulfill their public duty. ”

Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov, first deputy chairman of the Central Council of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (VOOP), adheres to a similar position. According to him, Krasikov’s situation showed that the inspectors are in an “unprotected zone,” since they are not subject to the same rules as law enforcement officers. In his opinion, this causes appropriate behavior on the part of poachers.

“We believe, as long as there is a public outcry, it is necessary to demand that all nature conservation inspectors are subject to the same rules as in the case of law enforcement officials, ranging from insurance, criminal prosecution for causing them physical harm. Every poacher, in whatever condition he is, must understand that, breaking the law, he will receive a tough rebuff, including the use of firearms if necessary, “Rasulmukhamedov emphasizes.

Working in tough conditions

Sergei Krasikov’s father, also Sergei, was with his son on the night the poachers were detained. Krasikov Sr. has been working in the Altacheysky nature reserve of the Baikalsky nature reserve for 33 years, he is the chief inspector. Sergei Guryanovich told RT that, like the rest of the reserve staff, he was shocked to learn what charges the violators had brought against his son.

“It’s hard to perceive this, both psychologically and morally, because we really did our job to protect the territory, detained the violators in the act … The man was alone against a group of armed violators who were intoxicated, he needed to do his job and detain the violators, how could he have acted differently in this situation? Cheer up and step aside, let them go and continue poaching? ” – Krasikov Sr. is perplexed.

He also said that the work of inspectors protecting nature reserves is generally fraught with many difficulties. By the way, all the men in the Krasikov family work in the Altacheysky reserve: Sergei Guryanovich himself and his two sons, Sergei and Alexander. Together they patrol the reserve every day, covering great distances, often in very harsh weather conditions.

“We have a decent territory of the reserve, 78373 hectares, it includes both the forest and the steppe part. Almost every day, the inspection group, patrolling the territory of the reserve, travels 300 km by car, – the man says. – And the frosts are strong here, -45 … 47 ° С – the normal temperature for December, January. But we are already used to it. My guys, they’ve been in the forest since childhood. ”

Inhabitants of the reserve

According to Krasikov Sr., many species of animals are bred in the Altacheichsky reserve: roe deer, red deer, musk deer, wild boar are found here. From birds – black grouse, wood grouse, partridge. There are also rare animals.

“A species from the Red Data Book lives here, this is a bustard, there are habitats here, where it breeds chicks, nests. Another species in the Red Book is the Pallas’ cat, such a secretive, but very funny animal. Sergei, my eldest son, is engaged in photography, filming animals. He filmed Pallas’ cat literally a meter away from him, I had to run after him, ”the man laughs.

Sergei Guryanovich claims that animals living in the reserve do not pose a particular threat to inspectors, although wolves and several families of bears live here. However, they do not come close to people.

In addition to constantly patrolling the territory, the duties of state inspectors include helping animals during difficult periods for them. Every year Krasikov and his sons sow whole fields of wheat to feed wild boar, and also place special “feeding tables” in the reserve, through which a mixture of oats and peas is transported. This is important during the harsh winter months when animals suffer from food shortages.

Krasikov Sr. said that until 2011 the reserve was going through hard times – the man complains that in 2005 he was transferred to the management of the hunting sector of the republic, as a result, the staff, the transport fleet and funding in general were gradually cut.

“For almost five years I had to guard the reserve alone. Then it was transferred to the Baikal State Reserve, and in March 2011 the state began to form, the first car was purchased. Then security was set up, money was allocated for biotechnology, for uniforms for inspectors, video equipment, walkie-talkies, ”the inspector lists.

Since then, according to Krasikov, a new milestone has begun in the development of the reserve. The staff now employs three inspectors – Sergei Guryanovich, Sergei Sergeevich and Alexander Sergeevich Krasikov. Krasikov Sr. noted that local residents for the most part understand that inspectors are doing important work, although there are exceptions – for example, the same poachers, whose groups the Krasikovs regularly detain in the protected area.

“Someone is annoyed by the prohibitions. Not to say that everyone treats us well … But what can you do, this is the work of inspectors. If you are good for everyone, you simply won’t be able to do your job, ”the man admits.

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