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The farmer about the wild boar: “It only gets worse damage every year”

Lars Pettersson, who farms a bit south of Kisa, talks about the wild boar’s progress.

– It is very extensive damage that I suffer on the leased arable land, and it only gets worse with each passing year.

It is pointless to grow grain

He has long since given up hope of growing anything other than forage for his 200 cows at home on the farm. Trying with grain is completely pointless, he says.

– It is very tiring when it is destroyed over and over again. It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to restore the land, says Lars Pettersson.

“Landowners must take responsibility”

According to Lars Pettersson, the fact that they have not succeeded in gaining better control of the wild boar population in Kinda is due to the fact that many landowners do not take their responsibility with the protection hunt.

– I want to urge the hunters who have hunting land to take their responsibility and keep a real hunting pressure. If you do not, it is better to lease the hunt to those who are good wild boar hunters. As it is now, there are many lands that no one cares about, and it is unsustainable, he says.

Hunting method in the forest area

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In several parts of the county, the hunters have managed to conduct an effective hunt by hunting more together over large areas. But in Kinda, that strategy does not seem to work.

– The times we have had big hunts, only a few pigs have been shot. What has succeeded more here in Kinda is night protection hunting in the field. Then the largest number of pigs is shot, he says.

“Real efforts are needed”

To overcome the problems, he calls for greater cooperation between landowners, tenants and hunters.

– Today, the hunt for land can be leased to hunters who live in, for example, Stockholm. They may not be interested in wild boar but come here a few times a year to hunt moose. It does not save us here as we need to keep a continuous pressure on the protection hunt. Therefore, I would like to see greater cooperation. If you are to succeed in keeping the trunk down and be able to use the land here in the future, real efforts are needed, Lars Pettersson concludes.

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