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The family does not move with Toni Roponen to Savonlinna – Cross-country skiing

Toni Roponen’s new job is in Savonlinna, but the family’s women remain in Haukiputaa.

Finland The big news in the coach market last week was that Ilta-Sanomat reported Toni Roposen leaving his job as a ski coach at a Colorado university and returning to Finland.

The next news came on Thursday, when Tanhuvaara Sports College in Savonlinna announced Roponen as its new principal.

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On Saturday with Visa Ski Team Kemi placed 4th in the 3×5 kilometer Finnish Championships Riitta-Liisa Roponen said she had not kept up with her husband’s fast-paced twists at all.

– Tanhuvaara ‘s pattern came to me and Idalle (daughter of the couple) completely off the bush. Toni kept us completely in the dark, but of course he then told us about his choice just before it was announced.

Of course, Riitta-Liisa Roponen thought that her husband would not return from America completely empty.

– Toni just said that something might be pulling, but that’s all.

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Coronary pandemic because the year has been heavy for the family. The women have been to Haukiputaa, Toni Roponen in Colorado. The distance is still there, as Savonlinna is 470 kilometers from Haukiputa.

– You can still go there, unlike in the USA in this situation.

Toni Roponen has a sports college background; The master is the former rector of Virpiniemi Sports College in Haukiputa. Tanhuvaara is known above all for his excellent javelin throwing skills. They have trained a lot in the place, e.g. Antti Ruuskanen and Aki Parviainen.

In Finland Toni Roponen can once again delve deeper into coaching his wife, who will be 43 years old in May, preparing for his sixth and certainly final Olympics.

There is such a significant change coming that Roponen wants to join the strength of the A national team as a full member after a break of a few years. In recent years, he has been practicing outside of it. The choice on these screens is automation.

– I need all possible resources and help to prepare for the Olympics, for example in matters of equipment and high-altitude training. I would love to jump on the A national team sled without further ado.

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