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The fact that you chewed cheese in your mouth from the fridge door – and 9 other everyday apt Scandinavian words to expand your vocabulary instantly – Free

We freely translated the Nordic words, which describe our lives into a sadly accurate way. May be used.

The Danish term hygge is a good example of the Nordic way of life that has conquered the world. The hygge that went wild in 2016 will be translated into Finnish as home, ie it is a matter of leisurely stay and enjoyment.

Hygge is by no means the only word that describes a particular lifestyle confusingly well and accurately. For example, you can harness your vocabulary immediately following the following freely Finnish terms in the Nordic languages. Best of all, the words perfectly describe a monotonous pandemic life.

Dog rejection

That’s when you sit on the floor scratching your dog, but when the dog walks away, you’re left alone on the floor roaring.

Mother’s hide

When you’re rejecting an unexpected video call from your mom because you don’t even want to let your mom know how awkward you look at that very moment.


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That’s when your bedside table is secretly filled with empty mugs, wine glasses, and one full but long-standing glass of water with dog hair floating on the surface.


When you put so much hand fat that you can’t use your phone or computer for a while. A short but real horror story.

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That painful feeling when your hands are stuck with freshly applied hand grease.­


When you nerve the cheese straight into your mouth from the refrigerator door. And, of course, thinking it’s a light snack and by no means a consolation of many hundreds of calories.

Infinite pain

That’s when you make a cup of tea, but it’s too hot to drink right away. Then you forget to cool it for so long that the tea is already cold.

Dirty house

When you vacuum, but you do not vacuum properly under or behind the furniture. Afterwards, you’ll wonder why your home is still full of dust and dirt, even though you’re just vacuuming.

Did you really vacuum or just where your eyes crossed?­

Zero store

When you load an online shopping cart full of everything that would look nice in your home, however, never buy items.

Health hell

When you read foreign praise stories about the Nordic healthcare system at the same time you have been queuing for access to a public dentist for four months.

Outdoor life no

When you say you go for a walk in the bitter, fresh open air, but suddenly it’s almost night and you haven’t even got pants on your feet.

Source: The New Yorker

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