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The F1 team has already put their gloves on the counter, although the season has not even begun yet – “We are prepared for this situation” – Formula 1

F1 team Haas is already fully focused on the 2022 season.

New The formula 1 season hasn’t even started yet, but one of the stables in the series is already looking at it next. Haas team manager Günther Steiner said For motorsportthat Haas has already completed the development of its 2021 season vehicles and will focus on the 2022 season.

For the period 2022, significant technical innovations are promised for the F1 series. For example, the land effect is being exploited again. Haas wants to take a sudden start towards a revolutionary journey, but at the same time takes a huge risk. Season 2021 when, however, should still go for a ride.

– Yes, there is a risk involved, but we have to live with it. We need to see the big picture, and that is medium- and long-term development. Not in the short term, Steiner told the media.

– If we focus only on the beginning of the season, then in 2022 we may wonder why we did not do more in front of the car of that season. It’s really hard to work hard on development because of the new rules and cost ceiling. So resources need to be transferred ahead of schedule for future development work.

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Steiner underlines an obvious fact: the 2021 season will be difficult for Haas. What makes the situation even more challenging is that the cars in the stable will be driven by two incoming drivers next season. Nikita mazepin and Mick Schumacher both start in F1 at the wheel of Haas.

– We are prepared for this situation. We do as much as we can. During this season, we strive to minimize damage and try our best. Succeeding for us would be to prepare our drivers for the future by the end of the season. This is a good learning opportunity for them.

Already last season was a big disappointment for Haas. The team, which joined the series for the 2016 season, quickly established its place in the battle for points. At its best in the 2018 season, Haas was handsomely Fifth in the Manufacturers ’World Cup, but then slipped to the tail end.

In the last two seasons, only Williams has accumulated fewer World Championship points. Haas ran for points in only two races in the 2020 season, and the total pot was a modest three World Championship surfaces. The big reason for the problems was Ferrari’s customer engine, which affected not only the parent model but also Alfa Romeo. Ferrari has promised a significantly better power mill for the coming season.

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