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The expert: “There, Zlatan is masterful”

Sweden visited Kosovo in tonight’s World Cup qualifier and won 3-0 after goals from Ludwig Augustinsson, Alexander Isak and Sebastian Larsson.

SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog does not deny that the effort was better now than on Thursday against Georgia.

– It was really a step in the right direction. Admittedly, we face a Kosovo that was not as organized as Georgia and Sweden got a little nicer surfaces to play on, but it is a match where the offensive pieces are the plus variants, he says and continues:

– Maybe it was too many long balls in the first half, which was probably the plan, but it was also a little too much Hawaiian football. However, the long ball was effective in that Zlatan was masterful at receiving or taking down the ball.


Ibrahimovic, who was responsible for two new goal-scoring passes, is praised by Nannskog.

– He is brilliant as a play point and already knows when the ball is in the air what to do. He often found Forsberg, who together with Isak also makes a very good match, and Zlatan is directly involved in the first two goals, he says and continues:

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– On the other hand, you may miss a little that he himself comes to the big closing positions. Right now he is acting forward instead. Maybe he saves the goals for a European Championship play-off.

Is he more of a team dad now, who would rather serve than finish himself?

– I think he does not show evidence of ego tendencies, but does the absolute best for the team. It’s great to see. In his body language, there are no traces of him scoring goals. He does not beg for the ball when he should not have it. It feels like he is one of the gang that fits into Janne Andersson’s way of playing and that he does not suffocate the others.

“Olsson can do much better”

When it comes to other players, Nannskog highlights the goal scorer Isak as a positive offensive force, but also wants to see more of some.

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– We have some savings capital and then I think of Kristoffer Olsson. We know he can do much better than he shows now. He does not feel like the old Olsson who controls the game. Hopefully he gets plenty of playing time in Krasnodar before the European Championships, he says and continues:

– Even Mikael Lustig and Sebastian Larsson feel ring rusty, which is not so strange as neither of them is in season. It is still clear that there is savings capital in the two and in Olsson.

The victory means that Sweden tops the qualifying group ahead of, among others, Spain, which earlier tonight decided late against Georgia.

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