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The expert spoke about the signs of a non-professional psychologist – RT in Russian

Psychologist Anna Khnykina spoke about the signs of a non-professional psychologist.

“The first and most important sign, which indicates that you probably fell into the hands of a layman, is when there is more psychologist at the reception than you are,” she said in an interview with the Argumenty i Fakty website.

According to her, a good psychologist does not give advice and recommendations, since this is not a coach. Khnykina believes that a good psychologist seems to follow the client, but does not lead him.

“Any loss of neutrality by the psychologist at the reception speaks of his unprofessionalism: no ridicule, shouts, aggression, etc.,” the expert noted.

According to Khnykina, a psychologist has no right to take gifts, even if it is a bouquet of flowers or something inexpensive and purely symbolic.

She also emphasized that everything that the patient shares with the psychologist during therapy is information that he has no right to tell anyone.

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“I think everyone understands that working with a psychologist is work. But no matter how difficult it may be for you, you should always see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, i.e. in most cases, people leave the specialist’s office with a feeling of relief, ”the expert added.

Earlier, the causal psychologist Yulia Sinyutina, in an interview with FAN, gave recommendations on how to overcome the crisis in family relations.

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