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The expert spoke about the features of the life insurance contract for a loan

Insurance expert Inna Vyalkova spoke about the peculiarities of a life insurance contract for a loan.

“Consumer loan agreements and those related to mortgages can be concluded without life insurance. The law does not require this. Moreover, it is prohibited by law to impose life and health insurance services, ”she said in an interview with FAN.

According to her, if the loan agreement was signed before September 1, 2020, when the amendments to the law came into force, the ability to return the money depends only on the conditions specified in the agreement with the insurer.

“If the 14-day period has not yet passed, the funds can be returned in full. To do this, you need to apply for a refund of the premium. The documents must be submitted personally with a note of acceptance or sent by registered mail, ”the expert clarified.

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She also recommended to find out if the insurance will continue to be valid after the loan is repaid.

Earlier, Alexey Volkov, head of marketing at the National Bureau of Credit Histories, in an interview with NTV commented on the situation with the loan portfolio of Russians.

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