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The expert: It is common for Nazis to try to take advantage of the unrest after violence

On several occasions, xenophobic and Nazi organizations have demonstrated in Vetlanda after the stabbing just over three weeks ago.

– Just like other actors, you always try to take advantage of events that strengthen your own position and your own agenda. So it is by no means unique or surprising, says Josefins Bergström.

Afghan man suspected of seven assassination attempts

The act of violence on March 3 has left deep traces in the small town when a knife-wielding man attacked several people in central Vetlanda. An Afghan man could, after being shot in the leg by the police, be arrested on suspicion of the act. He is suspected of seven counts of attempted murder.

After the violence, high-extremist groups have been increasingly visible in the city. Among other things, leaflets have been distributed and demonstrations have been arranged. In addition to the unrest directly linked to the violence in early March, where many are still asking themselves why it happened, several municipal residents have also reacted to the increased Nazi presence.

Woman was pushed

When 66-year-old Inger Andersson last Saturday got enough and said when she saw Nazis demonstrating, she was knocked over and injured. The case is being investigated as suspected assault.

– After everything that has happened here in Vetlanda, I do not want to see Nazis here, she says.

Politicians react

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Several local politicians have also reacted strongly to the right-wing extremist presence, including local councilor Henrik Tvarnö (S).

– It creates an enormous amount of anxiety and it makes me angry, he says.

In the clip above, you hear Josefin Bergström tell more about what it looks like with Nazi currents in Sweden right now.

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