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the English variant now represents more than 60% of contaminations

Despite an English variant now representing more than 60% of contaminations, the increase in new cases of coronavirus remains relatively measured in France. “We are not faced, at least not at this stage, with an exponential increase in the epidemic, as some models predicted,” said the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, on Thursday at a press conference. . He underlined that this general observation concealed a strong disparity according to the departments, and in particular in the 23 under surveillance.

Traffic continues to grow

“The circulation of the virus continued to progress but at a slower rate than what we feared,” added the head of government, arguing that “over the last seven days, the number of daily infections has increased by 1, 4%, whereas this same figure was + 14% during the previous week “.

The Prime Minister also welcomed the sharp decrease in contamination among the oldest people. “The decline observed in the over 80s reached 17.5% over the last two weeks,” he said, attributing this observation to the first effects of vaccination in this sensitive public.

A strong disparity according to the departments

Jean Castex however recalled that “these national figures conceal much more contrasted territorial situations. In some regions, the virus circulates less, or even slows down; while in others, we are seeing rapid progress and high incidences, clearly greater than the national average “.

This is aimed at the twenty departments placed last week under reinforced surveillance, now joined by the Hautes-Alpes, Aisne and Aube, where the incidence has crossed the threshold of 250 per 100,000 inhabitants. In these 23 territories, “the incidence rates range between 217 for Meurthe and Moselle and 342 for Paris and the departments of the inner suburbs”. In the Alpes-Maritimes and Pas-de-Calais, the incidence rate has even exceeded 400.

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