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The empire of the series. “It’s a Sin”, 120 beats per minute at the start of the AIDS epidemic

Callum Scott Howells (Colin) happy to arrive in London in the 80s (2019 RED PRODUCTION COMPAGNY / ALL3MEDIA INTERNATIONAL / PHOTO NUMERIQUEand)

United Kingdom, 1981. Three young people leave their homes, heading for freedom in London. One for the Isle of Wight. Her father slips her condoms when she leaves. Roscoe likes to dress like a girl. He sends for a walk his pastor father who wants to send him to wash away his sins in Nigeria. The third, neat but a little stuck, is hired by a tailor. Adult life and partying are theirs. We discover the gay pubs, the unbridled evenings. But an unknown disease, which they initially deny, risks mowing them down, it is still called gay cancer.

It’s a Sin from Russel T Davies, is a series both festive and sad, available on Canal + and the MyCanal platform.

Russel T Davies had moved us with the series Queer as Folk. He had renewed the series Doctor Who by taking control. He had given us chills down our spines, with Years and Years, by showing populism coming to power in Britain. It’s a Sin, whose title is inspired by the hit of the Pet Shop Boys, is his most autobiographical series. He takes the side of candor, and recalls everything that we have forgotten about the AIDS epidemic and that he has lived …

The silence of lead first, the media, the politicians who do not talk about it and let die. Ignorance: how is this disease spread? The funeral directors who refuse to bury the bodies. The difficulty for these young people to agree to go for a test. Their shame, their loneliness: they literally flee London, to die with their families. Families who deny the homosexuality of their children. Neighbors who put bundles of shit on their doormats. And gays in full denial at the start, speak of anti-homosexual manipulation and reject those who alert them with leaflets in bars.

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It’s a Sin, it’s like the movie 120 beats per minute of Robin Campillo, but taken to the source of this epidemic. A series that resonates in this period of Covid and Sidaction.

A magnificent, moving series that makes you want to cry all the time. The genesis of another epidemic, 40 years ago….

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