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the election of Parliament in West Bengal, a battle for Narendra Modi

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                This Saturday, March 26 begins the most anticipated poll of the year in India: the election of the Regional Parliament of West Bengal.  The Hindu nationalist party, in power in New Delhi, is engaged in a fierce battle to conquer this northeastern state, ruled for ten years by a center-left party.  Above all, he seeks to dethrone one of the fiercest opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><em>From our correspondent in New Delhi,</em> <strong>Sebastien Farcis</strong></span></span></span></span>

It’s a trench battle going on in West Bengal these days. On the one hand, there is the Minister of the Interior and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who came to support their candidates from the Hindu nationalist party of the BJP. And there is the other, Mamata Banerjee, fierce leader of the state for 10 years, and frontal opponent of the Prime Minister. She accuses the BJP, a party almost non-existent eight years ago in the region, of wanting to extend its Hindu supremacy on this land which has 27% of Muslims.

The BJP, for its part, claims to seek to restore order, ensure economic development and especially to defend the Hindus from alleged waves of Muslim infiltration of Bangladesh. To be better accepted, the BJP, extremely rich and influential, managed to return 70 local deputies and supporters of its opponent, to form its lists.

The countryside is particularly violent. The ballot will therefore take place under high security and on 8 different voting days, until the end of April. The results will be announced on May 2.

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