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Home Breaking News The egg producer in Yttertavle about the risks of the flu
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The egg producer in Yttertavle about the risks of the flu

Outer plate egg is one of three large egg producers in Västerbotten and in the facility just outside Umeå there are over 50,000 hens.

The hygiene routines around the facility are strict, but the concern still lies with the CEO Jonny Lövgren, whose colleagues have been hit hard.

– Those who got it in southern Sweden, I know who they are. These are huge facilities, the largest of 1.3 million laying hens, plus his entire breeding that was culled, says Jonny Lövgren.

When asked how the reactions have been with those affected, Jonny answers:

– They are simply terrified, “why should I get this”, “I have not earned it” about that is what they think.

The fight against the birds

It is the migratory birds that carry the infection and right at Yttertavle many land on their way north. But Jonny has some weapons in his arsenal to scare them away.

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– What we will do now is set up scarecrows and an electric scarecrow screaming in a loudspeaker. We will also set up gas cannons that fire shots to scare them and make the birds fly another way.

As a last resort, there is also the possibility of protection hunting.

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