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The driver was the commissioner’s son with his father’s company car

Two investigations, judicial and administrative, are opened after the actions of a young driver filmed at the wheel in the streets of Clermont-Ferrand. During the night of March 23-24, this 18-year-old motorist increased traffic offenses by driving a police car. The checks carried out from the videos made it possible to identify him: he is the son of the deputy director of public security of Puy-de-Dôme who used his father’s company car, without his knowledge.

Videos posted on social networks

The video sequences, revealed by the daily La Montagne, quickly toured the Clermont-Ferrand central police station. The Auvergne police officers were stunned to discover the suspicions hanging over the son of their deputy departmental director. This young man of 18 years would have taken advantage of the absence of his father to join the police station and borrow his service car. The images filmed by his front passenger then show him driving very fast in the deserted streets of Clermont-Ferrand, using the car’s siren, running several red lights and even being flashed by an automatic radar.

A delocalized investigation

After the discovery of these images broadcast on social networks, the public prosecutor of Clermont-Ferrand was alerted and opened a preliminary investigation, entrusted to the judicial police which is not under the authority of the commissioner whose son is implicated. In the light of these facts, the general direction of the national police force underlines that it also lodged a complaint for the “theft” of the service car. As for the administrative investigation into the circumstances of this case, it was relocated to Lyon to avoid any conflict of interest. The son of the deputy departmental director of public security and his videographer passenger have not yet been questioned.

Already arrested in December for similar facts

The young man is not, however, his first attempt. On April 6, he will indeed be tried before the Clermont-Ferrand Criminal Court for a previous trip. The facts took place Sunday, December 13, 2020, in the middle of the afternoon, while many pedestrians were in town for their end-of-year purchases. At the wheel of his father’s personal car this time, he had multiplied dangerous attitudes and refused to obey the orders of the police officers who were trying to control him. One of the officials fell on a bicycle.

Once arrested, the driver allegedly pretended to be a police officer, then showing a tricolor card… that of his father. These crimes had earned him to be placed in police custody and sent back to correctional after his hearings.

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