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The downside of Didier Deschamps on the “French mentality” in the face of success

INTERVIEWRather discreet when he is not on a football field or on his coach bench, Didier Deschamps still agreed to reveal himself a little more on Europe 1. Guest on Saturday of “Icons”, the coach of the France team returned to Michel Denisot’s microphone on the personalities who have marked his life. But outside the world of football, the former Marseillais does not put anyone on a pedestal. Rather than finding icons, he prefers to talk about “references”. And insist on his admiration for success, and on the inspiration that can be drawn from it.

“There is nothing that happens by chance”

“I always emphasize success, whatever it may be, such as professional success,” explains Didier Deschamps. “There is nothing that happens by chance, which does not mean that there are people who have not studied and who cannot succeed. There are geniuses too, there are different forms of intelligence, like intuitive intelligence. There are some who have this ability to do things different from others and to be successful. “

“I’m not envious, not jealous”

“Me, I am not envious, I am not jealous”, he continues. “No matter what the success, no matter the field, it has to be inspirational.” But, regrets Didier Deschamps, “it is not too much in the French mentality. Unfortunately, it is more the Anglo-Saxon mentality. The one who succeeds, instead of seeking to find him negative points”, it should be emphasized that ‘”he managed to make sure to be an example.”

“After that, there are some who do everything and who are not going to succeed, but at least there is no regret towards themselves,” concludes the coach, whose players face Kazakhstan on Sunday afternoon , as part of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

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