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The dog constantly sneaked into the store – the reason was so moving that the rank was slackened – Abroad

Named the gut, the discovery dog ​​eventually got its purple plush toy.

Employees at the North Carolina Dollar General store were confused when an unknown dog kept sneaking into the store. In the store, the dog had a clear plan each time; get to the toy department to meet their favorite plush toy.

Shop staff told local animal welfare authorities that the dog sought to enter through the shop doors whenever the customer left. Each time, the dog’s goal was to get to grab a plush purple unicorn plush toy. Eventually, the staff had to close the store door, and call the rank and file.

Dogcatcher Samantha Lane however, he immediately subsided upon arrival and decided to buy a ten-dollar plush toy for the dog. He said the fur coat was very cooperative after receiving his favorite toy. Lane suspects the dog’s former family may have had a similar plush toy.

Lane took the dog to an animal shelter, where the workers named the dog Sisu. However, this is not a reference to Finland, but to the character of Disney’s new animated film Raya and the Last Dragon.

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– This is what happens when you constantly break into stealing the purple unicorn you feel you own. When the rankanger arrives to catch you for your crimes, he decides to buy the toy and bring it with us to us, Dublin County Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

– She is sweet and very intelligent. He has been really obedient with us, he sits and gives a paw. You’d think someone would miss him. We came up with no other reason for his burning love for the unicorn than to have had a similar toy in his former home. It would have made more sense if the store had announced that the dog would sneak in to steal dog food and not a purple plush toy, states animal shelter.

According to the animal shelter, no one registered as the owner of Sisu, but they have received numerous contacts from people who have expressed their desire to adopt Sisu. The days of happiness come to Sisu when he finds a new home. Namely, the Dollar General has announced that he will donate a few extra unicorn toys to Sisu and his new family.

The popular Twitter account WeRateDogs says Sisu has since been adopted, giving Sisu and her story a rating of 14/10.

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