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The doctor spoke about common allergens in the spring – RT in Russian

Physician-therapist Lyudmila Lapa, general director of the Medical Center for Immunocorrection named after R.N. Khodanova, spoke in an interview with RT about the most common allergens in the spring.

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Lapa noted that the period from March to April is a difficult phase for allergy sufferers.

She explained that the first symptoms of allergies are already observed in people due to the melting of snow and the formation of humus, and then a reaction to the pollen of various trees is added to them.

“It is necessary to walk with caution in the forest, in parks, because rotting occurs, and the pollen of fungi (humus) in the same way gives a load on allergy sufferers. It turns out that now will be the most difficult period – this is both fungal sensitization and pollen sensitization (alder, birch, maple), ”the doctor said.

The specialist added that severe allergies can be observed to various herbs, including dandelions.

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Lapa also said that since everyone now continues to wear masks in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, this will help alleviate allergy symptoms.

“We go to the park – we must put on a mask, because the pollen will not pass through it. There are also nasal filters (inserted into the nose) that are sold in pharmacies. They also help protect against pollen very well. That is, the risk of an attack on the immune system is reduced, ”she concluded.

Earlier, the director of the Gamaleya Center, Alexander Gintsburg, said that allergy sufferers whose condition is not in the acute stage can be vaccinated against coronavirus infection.

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