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The doctor about the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s demands: “Has gone too far”

Anna says that virtually no patient gets through their applications for permanent sickness compensation at the moment as they are not considered to be sufficiently ill.

– These are often patients who have severe illnesses and often long-term severe disabilities.

Affects the work environment

Despite having made the investigations and assessments that show that no further measures are available, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency considers that the applications are not sufficiently substantiated and need to be supplemented.

– There is a lot of pressure that medical certificates and medical assessments are so important, but then it is often the case that you still do not want to hear what I say or assess. There I feel a powerlessness, she says.

Försäkringskassan’s assessments have led Anna to spend a large part of her working time writing supplements instead of focusing on patients’ health, rehabilitation and recovery.

– It has become an increasing problem for us. If I have a return visit time with a patient of 30 minutes, a very large part of that time is spent writing supplements to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. My experience is that it has gone far too far, she says.

Review certificates and additions

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According to those responsible at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the work with certificates and supplements is currently being reviewed.

Cecilia Udin is the national insurance coordinator at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency:

– We have an ongoing assignment with Sweden’s municipalities and county councils and the National Board of Health and Welfare and we really try to ensure that we do not supplement what we do not need, but sometimes a supplement may be needed to make an assessment, she says.

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