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the distress of first year medical students


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E. Bailly, P. Lagaune, M. Mullot, B. de Saint-Jore

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Despite the removal of a “numerus clausus” to access the second year, the selection remains difficult for students in the first year of medicine, who fear to suffer the approximations of this year marked by the reform.
Passing the exam for the first year of medicine requires a lot of knowledge and long hours of study. With the reform, the selection intensifies because, if the “numerus clausus” no longer exists, it is no longer possible to repeat. In the event of failure, the students are automatically directed to another faculty, to which they are obliged to register in parallel. This is the case of Maureen Poulet, who is enrolled in philosophy, in addition to the first year courses of medicine. “I feel completely in a test year, I completely feel that we are just there to see, that we are an experience“, she says.

A selection made all the more complex in that this year of transition, the last candidates authorized to repeat are also their competitors. Primates fear that their chances of success will be reduced. The total number of admissions will be exceptionally raised. Quotas are set in each faculty and some families denounce their opacity. According to them, their child’s chances will be reduced.

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