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the Denain vaccination center forced to close its doors this weekend for lack of doses

At the Denain village hall, the 550 vaccination slots blocked this Saturday, March 27 were canceled at the last minute, due to a lack of available doses. Of the 1,200 planned, only 246 could be delivered. ARS explains that demand was greater than supply across the region.

It is necessary to vaccinate “everyday”, “morning noon and evening”. Comments made by Emmanuel Macron during his visit to a vaccination center in Valenciennes, barely four days ago.

The head of state had also announced 30,000 additional doses this week in Hauts-de-France, plus 30,000 other doses next week for the region, i.e. “140,000 additional doses compared to the forecast that will have been given to this territory”.

As since the beginning of March, the Regional Health Agency announced a new operation “punch” these Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March. In Denain, however, the vaccination center installed in the village hall kept the door closed today… for lack of doses.

In Denain, 550 slots canceled this Saturday

On the ARS site, the Pierre Baudin room is nevertheless part of the list of vaccination centers open this weekend. But the city’s PS mayor, Anne-Lise Dufour Tonini, confirms its temporary closure. “We were promised about 1200 doses. That is 550 injections this Saturday and the same thing this Sunday. We finally received only 246”.

Unlike other establishments, the Denain vaccination center does not work with the Doctolib platform. It is the medical secretaries who consult the waiting list and call eligible people, which was done on Wednesday March 24. “The 550 Saturday slots were quickly blocked”, explains the mayor. The next day, the bad news falls. “We therefore decided to schedule the injection of the 246 doses received on Friday in order to avoid mobilizing goodwill at the weekend, when fatigue sets in”.

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Result: while a new operation “punch” is organized this weekend in the region, the Denain vaccination center is closed, and the 550 appointments scheduled for this Saturday, March 27 are postponed in ten days.

“It looks like a big mess and we don’t understand a thing anymore”

What happened ? How to explain the gap between the announcements of Emmanuel Macron and the reality on the ground? The mayor of Denain has his idea. “We tried to find out. When the President of the Republic promised a higher number of doses, everyone ordered. Finally, we have a lot less, so it’s up to us to manage the shortage”.

She denounces an announcement effect and repeats the words of the mayor of Lille Martine Aubry. “Vaccination is too serious for there to be this lack of organization, transparency, and communication blows”.

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Behind the lack of doses, it is also necessary to manage the frustration of the inhabitants. “There are people who start to get annoyed, who do not understand why we give them an appointment on Wednesday and that we cancel it three days later”. Without forgetting all the staff mobilized, deprogrammed at the last minute. “We blocked doctors, nurses, medical secretaries, city staff … but the sacrosanct dose is missing”.

“There are people who start to get annoyed, who do not understand why we give them an appointment on Wednesday and that we cancel three days later.”

Anne-Lise Dufour Tonini, mayor PS of Denain

For its part, the Regional Health Agency confirms that the demand for vaccination centers for this weekend was much greater than the supply: around 60,000 doses against the 38,000 available. What the mayor of Denain responds to. “If the authorities do not know how many doses they are going to be able to give us, they just have to wait. It looks like a big mess and we do not understand anything anymore”.

What is the status of vaccination in Denain?

Since the opening of the vaccination center in the village hall of Denain on January 18, attached to the city hospital, more than 6,000 injections have been carried out. During the three operations “punch” since the beginning of March:

  • 348 injections were performed on March 6 and 7
  • 486 injections were performed on March 13 and 14
  • 558 injections were performed on March 20 and 21

Or 1,392 vaccinations of first doses during operations “punch” organized since early March.

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