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The Deliveroo platform goes public in London

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                The food delivery platform boosted by lockdowns and curfews works with restaurants in 800 cities around the world and has some 100,000 delivery people.  The company is not yet profitable and the protest movements of delivery people are increasing.

                                    <p>British delivery men have made an appointment on April 7, the day of the IPO for small carriers.  In the United Kingdom, in France, in Australia, actions are carried out by these independent couriers to denounce precarious working conditions and increasingly low incomes, situations which contrast with this operation of the company Deliveroo. 

With a record year 2020, a turnover that has increased by 64%, the food delivery platform is therefore preparing to achieve a major IPO, with a valuation of 7.6 billion pounds.

It could have been even bigger if several asset managers each weighing hundreds of billions of pounds hadn’t withdrawn their pledges to invest in the company a few days ago. They fear a bad placement evoking among other things the example given by the social practices of Deliveroo.

The British company is still not profitable. It lost 224 million pounds last year, cumulating astronomical logistics and marketing costs. This entry into the City has in any case been described as ” fantastic By UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

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