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the daily life of caregivers turned upside down for over a year



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L.Benzaquen, V.Llado, H.Ayroulet

France 2

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Mobilized day and night for more than a year, the fatigue of health professionals in hospitals is being felt more and more. Some even say they are completely exhausted.
Lise Sagot is a pulmonology health manager at the Fréjus hospital in the Var. Its team consists of 25 nurses and orderlies. Every morning, Lise Sagot makes sure that her staff has no shortage of gowns or masks. Her department is in constant tension, with 18 Covid patients out of 22. At 9 am, it’s the department meeting, the opportunity for Lise to gauge the stress level of the staff. “We are doing well because we are in a team. Fatigue is known throughout the establishment but it is very difficult to manage”, assures a nurse.

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At the end of a year, weariness wins. Guillaume Kouba is a nurse in intensive care. “On a daily basis, it’s always the same thing. The workload, the return to vacation, to rest …”, he recounts. With fatigue and stress, he fears he may lack vigilance, because the staff is lacking. In the hospitals of the Var, hospital tension remains high. 557 patients are hospitalized for cases of Covid-19.

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