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the cry of alarm from doctors about the saturation of hospitals


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M.Subra-Gomez, C.Colnet, J.Vitaline, H.Smague, A.Dupont, N.Sadok, A.Bourse

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Which patients to treat, which patients to save? These chilling questions could soon be topical according to the 41 crisis directors of Ile-de-France hospitals. In a column published on Sunday March 28 in the “Journal du dimanche”, they questioned Emmanuel Macron on the sorting of patients.
At the hospital, caregivers see emerging what they fear most since the start of the health crisis: the sorting of patients. 41 doctors from Île-de-France express this concern in the press, Sunday morning March 28. They sign a platform in the Sunday Journal, and alert: “In this disaster medicine situation (…), we will be forced to sort out patients in order to save as many lives as possible. This sorting will concern all patients, Covid and non-Covid.The doctor Benjamin Davido, signatory of the forum, fears having to make choices between patients with still significant life expectancy.

The Élysée refuses to comment on this platform, but the word that comes back is pragmatism: constantly adapting to the situation. Basically, no change in strategy“, explains the journalist France Télévisions Anne Bourse, in duplex from the Elysée Palace in Paris.”Everything will depend on the indicators“Monday March 29 and Tuesday March 30, continues the journalist.”If they are not good, a new turn of the screw could be announced until a more strict containment.

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