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the court arrested the governor of the Penza region in a bribery case – RT in Russian

The Basmanny Court of Moscow has arrested the governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev for two months on charges of accepting a bribe. The court also detained three more defendants in the case. The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin is aware of what happened, and also did not rule out that the head of state could dismiss Belozertsev due to the loss of confidence.

The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested Ivan Belozertsev, Governor of the Penza Region, for two months on charges of accepting a bribe.

“The court satisfied the request of the investigation to elect Belozertsev a preventive measure in the form of detention until May 20,” TASS quotes a spokesman for the court’s press service.

Belozertsev’s defense asked to send him under house arrest, but the court found that at large he could obstruct the investigation and destroy evidence.

“Based on this, the court ruled to refuse the defense in choosing him house arrest or other preventive measure not related to detention,” said judge Natalya Dudar.

In addition, the court also imprisoned Fyodor Fedotov, deputy head of the Penza region’s representative office in Moscow, Gennady Markov’s representative office employee and the wife of the head of the BIOTEK group of pharmaceutical companies, Evgenia Shpigel, for two months.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee brought charges against Belozertsev, as well as the head of the BIOTEK group of pharmaceutical companies Boris Shpigel, his wife Yevgenia, the director of OJSC Pharmacy Anton Koloskov, as well as Gennady Markov and Fedor Fedotov.

“Depending on the role of each, they are charged with committing crimes under Part 5 of Art. 291, part 6 of Art. 290, Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (giving a bribe, taking a bribe, mediation in bribery), ”the department said.

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According to a TASS source in law enforcement agencies, Belozertsev did not admit his guilt.

“None of the six defendants in the case recognized her,” the agency’s interlocutor clarified.

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The arrest of Ivan Belozertsev and the rest of the defendants in the case became known the day before. On Sunday evening, the governor was taken to Moscow to the temporary detention center on Petrovka. Recall, according to the investigation, from January to September 2020, Belozertsev received bribes from Spiegel, his wife and Koloskov through intermediaries in the form of money and other valuables in the amount exceeding 31 million rubles. Bribes were transferred in exchange for providing the BIOTEK group of companies with a competitive advantage when concluding government contracts.

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At the same time, the TASS agency also, citing a source in law enforcement agencies, reported that during a search in the house of the detained governor, investigators found about 500 million rubles.

In addition, the source said that in 2020 Spiegel handed over a Mercedes-Benz V250D to Belozertsev as an illegal reward.

In addition, according to the agency’s interlocutor, in the fall of 2020, Spiegel presented Belozertsev in honor of his re-election as governor with a Breguet wristwatch for 5.75 million rubles, which he handed over through an intermediary. Also, according to the source, at the end of August 2020, Spiegel, together with Koloskov and his wife, handed over 20 million rubles to Belozertsev as a bribe. There was no official confirmation of this information from the investigation.

In turn, a source of RIA Novosti said that the investigation had taken a non-disclosure agreement from all defenders.

“The investigator took away from the lawyers in the case the signature on non-disclosure of the data of the preliminary investigation,” he said.

Press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the situation with the detention of the governor, said that Vladimir Putin was aware of what had happened and had received relevant reports. Peskov also did not rule out that the head of state could dismiss Belozertsev due to the loss of confidence.

“He still worked as the governor of the region. So far, we have not seen a presidential decree on the loss of confidence. But this cannot be ruled out given the current events, ”TASS quotes a Kremlin spokesman.

In turn, the “United Russia” said that the presidium of the political council of the Penza regional branch of the party suspended the membership of Ivan Belozertsev pending the results of the consideration of the criminal case.

Meanwhile, a member of the Moscow POC, Olga Druzhinina, said that Boris Shpigel became ill in the isolation ward on Petrovka, an ambulance was called for him.

“He has very serious health problems, he has a number of diseases. Der Spiegel breathes with the help of a special apparatus, which he has with him in the IVS, ”she explained.

Recall Ivan Belozertsev became the governor of the Penza region in September 2015 following the results of direct elections, in which he received the support of 86.04% of voters. Prior to that, in May of the same year, he was appointed and. about. heads of the region. On September 13, 2020, he was re-elected to the post – he gained 78.72% of the vote.

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