Thursday, April 1, 2021
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The counter for support for necessary costs opens (in principle) Monday | NOW

Anyone who has ended up in financial problems due to the corona crisis and can no longer pay their housing costs, can apply for so-called Temporary Support Necessary Costs (TONK) since Monday, although it depends on whether the municipality is ready for this.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment introduced TONK support for all entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, employees and jobseekers who saw their income decline due to the COVID-19 outbreak and who can no longer afford their housing costs.

The support applies to everyone from the age of eighteen. The municipality helps with payment of the mortgage, costs for electricity, gas and water, service costs and municipal taxes. Income from the value of the home, the assets in the company, the Fixed Cost Allowance (TVL) and the temporary Emergency Bridging Employment Measure (NOW) are not included.

The municipalities look at the amount of the necessary housing costs, the current income and the extent to which someone can still pay part of the costs in order to determine the amount of support. The support is valid for a maximum of six months and is retroactive from 1 January.

Because the application for support is arranged by the municipalities, there is no central counter and it depends on how far along the municipalities are with the preparations.

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“On February 1, all municipalities received the guide to start it up”, a spokesperson for the ministry told “Inhabitants could then also go to their municipality. From March onwards, the aim would be that they would also be helped with retroactive effect to January, but it differs per municipality how far they are.”

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