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The coronary situation in Estonia is getting worse – there is a clear difference in patients until last spring: “We believe it is related to the British variant” – Abroad

In Estonia, more than 20,000 new infections have been recorded in two weeks.

In Estonia has had a record number of infections in the last two weeks and is now on the verge of hospital capacity, Estonian Broadcasting Corporation ERR news. Although the infectivity rate has fallen slightly, it is still more than one, health officials said on Monday.

– Even if everyone wants to hear good news, I have to admit that, unfortunately, the situation has not improved. In the last two weeks, we have, for the first time, diagnosed more than 10,000 corona infections in both weeks. A total of more than 20,000 new infections, said the chief doctor of the Estonian Health Agency’s emergency committee Urmas Sule

According to Sul, the center of the epidemic is still Tallinn and the surrounding areas of the capital.

Estonia’s corona situation in relation to the country’s population is the worst in the world.­

In Tallinn, younger coronary patients end up in the hospital than a year ago. In addition, many have extensive lung damage, the Department of Internal Medicine and the Corona Department of East Tallinn Central Hospital. Alice Lill says Tell.

– According to our estimates, the profile of the sick has changed this spring – more people in the 50-65 age group end up in the hospital. This is, of course, the result of a wider spread of the disease, but compared to last spring, human lung damage is significantly more extensive. As a result, more people need intensive care.

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According to Lill, the difference from last spring is also that now patients less often mention the disappearance of smell or taste as one of the symptoms and thus the clinical picture of the disease has partly changed.

– We believe it is related to the British version of this virus. As early as January, we noticed that the lung damage was more extensive. In the past, people became ill at home for a long time and ended up in the hospital around 10-12. day, now we see the sick who say they have been Korona sick for 5-7 days and then come to the hospital.

According to Lill, the duration of hospital treatment depends on how long the patient needs supplemental oxygen and how the patient recovers. According to Lill, patients with severe lung damage need extra oxygen or a ventilator for a longer period of time. In addition, seriously ill people who have needed intensive care may experience various complications during recovery, such as bacterial infections and blood clots, even if we use anticoagulant medication.

There are currently 699 coronavirus patients in hospital in Estonia. Of these, 67 are in intensive care and 52 in ventilators. 69 new coronary patients were admitted to hospitals per day. 36 got home and eight were transferred to the regular ward.

In Estonia, 993 new infections were reported on Monday. The proportion of positive infections in all tests is still high: in Estonia, 20.7% of the 4,799 tests analyzed in 24 hours were positive.

In two weeks, the number of new infections per 100,000 people, ie the incidence, has been 1,521 and 19.8 per cent of the first tests have been positive.

For comparison, 169.8 new infections per 100,000 people have been detected in Finland in 14 days. The highest incidence is in Finland in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district, where the figure is 342.9.

In total, more than 93,000 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in Estonia. Virus-related deaths have been recorded according to 797 Worldometer.

72,073 infections and 808 deaths have been reported in Finland.

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