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The Corona Year shattered singer Robin’s big plans – a new collaboration began in a surprising place – Music

Robin Packale and Aleksi Kaunisvesi, known from the Blind Channel, both aim to conquer the world. The past year has punctuated both plans, both in a bad and a good way.

Robin Packalenin last year was supposed to be very different from what it eventually became. The release of the first international album, a big promotional tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as numerous trips across Europe were planned for the summer. The purpose was to sit on planes, network, and take new English-language music to the world.

It happened differently. Robin last boarded a plane a year ago in February. Trips to Central Europe have been missed. It was decided to divide the album into two parts, the first of which will be released in December and the second is due later this year.

– When making an export story, it would be really, really good to be able to fly and travel everywhere in order to build relationships. I have to say that the last year has been an infinitely bad ship to be aboard, Robin Packalen says seriously.

For years, Robin has been aiming for international success, which he has been determined to pursue. The corona pandemic put the sticks in strollers, but work on world conquest continues.­

Situation has been awkward, but there are many other artists in the same boat. That’s why Robin doesn’t know how to mourn his fate very much, but prefers to focus on what he could have done during the pandemic.

– Fortunately, the remote can do something. It’s also nice in its own way that you don’t have to go all the way to Berlin because of an hour’s meeting. But yes, this job would require you to be there on the spot and be able to put yourself in the league.

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– However, there is nothing I can do about it, so the situation has not really bothered me. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but whatever you do.

While many long-term dreams have come to a halt, a different year has also brought with it a lot of good. Robin has been sitting in the studios of Finnish studios since last spring and has been working on his new music, which is aimed at the international market.

At the same time, he has also teamed up with the artist known as Alex Mattson Aleksi Beautiful Water with.

– Last summer, we decided to go to the archipelago with Alex, make a new muse and have fun at the same time, Robin says.

In recent months, Robin has almost lived in hotels in Helsinki. In Turku, he has acquired a new home last spring, which has been cleaner than ever during the pandemic.­

Beautiful water is known not only as an EDM artist, but also as the sixth member of the Blind Channel, which represents Finland at Eurovision. He joined the band last year, but collaborated with them earlier.

The 23-year-old Kaunisvesi’s career began at the age of 16 when he moved to Amsterdam to study electronic music production.

– It had a bit of an explanation for my mother when I suddenly left for Holland. Everything went well in the end, and since then I’ve really got to make music for myself and for others, Beautiful Water says.

Beautiful Water has made music before Robin, among other things Kasmirille and Nordinille Kingdom and produced Ellinooran and Antti Ketonen songs. With Robin, songs were made at casual “music camps” while taking a sauna and swimming.

The result was songs for Robin’s two EPs and the duo’s first joint song Hard To Love. A song telling the love story of a life-hardened man was released on Friday.

– It’s a lot of fun and relaxed with Robin, but also professional to work with. Sometimes it can take half a day to grind something completely different from musk, Kaunisvesi says.

The music video for Robin Packalen and Alex Mattson’s new Hard To Love song is made with a “more is more” mentality.­

At the moment The beautiful water is living an extremely busy spring as the Blind Channel prepares in full swing for the Eurovision Song Contest in Holland, the country of her teens. The band is currently honing the May visa performance to its full blade. It has made video material for the background of the presentation and worked out every, tiny detail with care.

– The rock band trains conscientiously in front of the mirrors in the mirror hall, but that’s the way it is today. Every gesture is taken over with real precision, Kaunisvesi says.

– We are also making new music because we feel that we need to have more music available after the visas and later this year. We are prepared that there could be interest.

There has already been enough interest, although there is still time for visas. Blind Channel has received attention both in Finland and around the world and its Dark Side has risen to viral lists in several countries.

– It’s nice to see that my own face is in the magazine and the band likes our song. I have been really pleased that we achieved it, what we had to. However, this is only an intermediate stage for us. A longer career and popularity abroad is our goal.

At Eurovision, Blind Channel is going to give its all. The band is confident that its rebellious attitude and reduced performance will sink in international circles as well as in Finland.

– We have planned to keep the same thing as at the UMK and not think about it too much. Yes we are arguing and that is what works for us.

UMK is a familiar format to Robin as well, as he has been asked as many as nine times without success to join the race. He has not experienced Eurovision as his own and has therefore never agreed to take part in the competition.

– Eurovision would certainly be a really good path towards an international career, but somehow it has not been such an interesting concept for itself so far, Robin says.

Instead, Robin is willing to purposefully advance his world conquest in other ways as long as it takes the wind down. Although some of the plans are now “on hiatus”, there have already been cautiously hopeful signs from around the world that there may be demand for a Finnish star there.

Robin says he has an active fan base, at least in Germany and Brazil. He has noted that fan communities formed by fans from different countries have popped into the someen. They glorify and worship the singer with devotion.

– There are more fan communities in China too! Robin says excitedly.

Robin’s coron year has largely been spent in the studios of the studios working on new music. He has also been able to enjoy free weekends with his loved ones for once.­

Next a stage for Robin would be to get to perform for his new fans. The longing for gigs and meeting people is hard, but so far my feet have to be kept firmly in Finland.

While waiting for the world to open, Robin spends much of his time in hotels in Helsinki, as his studio sessions are mainly focused on the Helsinki metropolitan area. In his hometown of Turku, a new home acquired last spring awaits him.

– You can change the river side, but not the city, he laughs.

– My home has been really clean now during the corona year. I am excited to clean and cook food. Now that he has had more time at home, he has invested in it in a new way.

Robin has spent most of the weekend in Turku and at the same time enjoyed a rare treat: free time with his family and friends.

– I’ve never had a time off on a weekend. Normally I would have left somewhere in Finland on a Thursday or Friday night, shouted into the mic all weekend and returned home on a Sunday evening.

The same is said by Kaunisvesi. The artist, who grew up in Nummela, lives near the Helsinki metropolitan area and enjoys the fact that the work week is close to the usual “nine to five” rhythm.

– This situation has lasted because it has been time to see parents and friends in a completely different way than usual. Now the benefits have been taken away from everything that can’t be done when you’re at gigs, he says.

Hard To Love song now Spotify.

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