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The corona situation in Turku continues to be serious: “We have challenging times ahead” – Turku region

The corona situation in Turku is not slowing down. The guard shops will continue to guard the Student Village and the surroundings of the Luolavuori and Varissuo student housing sites.

The serious coronavirus situation in Turku has not been brought under control. Twenty new coronary infections have been diagnosed among international university students living in Turku since Monday. This is what the city says in its bulletin.

– We have challenging times ahead, and the corona situation is not slowing down. All possible measures are therefore needed to control the situation, the doctor responsible for infectious diseases in the city of Turku Jutta Peltoniemi says.

Students have a total of 100 infections

According to current information, there are a total of 100 cases connected to the supply chain. About 160 exposures are known. The overall situation in Turku is difficult.

Tracing of the international exchange student infection team uncovered last week continues. Trace resources have been increased and the trace delay has been closed.

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The city emphasizes that a lot of efforts have been made in Turku to bring the situation under control in cooperation with universities, the hospital district, the police and other authorities.

The guard continues

Student quarantines and isolations last for an individually assessed time. The guard shops will continue to guard in Ylioppilaskylä and in the vicinity of the Luolavuori and Varissuo student housing sites.

Guarding ensures that there are no student gatherings and that common areas remain closed. Guarding will continue until the end of March and beyond if necessary.

The anti-coronation bus will offer students corona tests next weekend, March 27-28. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The bus serves at Inspehtoorinkatu 3 C.

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The bus provides free coronavirus testing without a separate referral.

Precautions also added in schools

The tear of infection among students has weakened the coronary situation in the entire Turku region.

Infections are currently also abundant in Pansio, Halis, Varissuo and Lauste. Extensive corona communications through various channels will continue to be added to the suburbs. These areas also make it easy to access the test without a referral.

Corona precautionary measures have been added even more in Turku schools. Upper secondary schools and secondary education continue in distance learning 5.4. until. Due to extensive exposures and quarantine periods, the school in Lauste has moved entirely to distance learning between March 24 and April 5.

In addition, the mask recommendation is also used in primary schools. The use of masks is expected to reduce exposure to the coronavirus in schools.

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