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The corona situation in Northern Finland calmed down before the Easter rush – No new infections in the West Bank for two days – Oulu region

State corona support saved last year’s economy in the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District.

Northern Finland the corona situation has calmed down just before the Easter holiday rush hour. In both Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland, there have been fewer new infections this week than in previous weeks.

No new infections have been detected in the West Ostrobothnia area for two days. 3 new infections have appeared this week. Some of the cases are inside quarantines. The cases are not related to the Ylitornio chain.

In week 12, only 7 new infections have been diagnosed in the Lapland hospital district by Thursday afternoon.

Only two new infections have been diagnosed in Northern Ostrobothnia in the last day. 127 infections have been reported in two weeks. The incidence rate is now 30.8.

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The pandemic preparedness of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District last spring is reflected in last year’s financial statements, especially in the decrease in the number of patients treated.

There were 4.7 per cent fewer treatment periods at Oulu University Hospital and Oulaskangas and almost 6 per cent fewer treatment days than in the previous year. There were approximately 2,000 fewer patients treated than estimated in the budget.

Hospital district activity was brought close to normal at the beginning of last summer as the corona situation calmed down. The financial result turned to CFO Jarkko Raatikainen surplus due to interest subsidies of around EUR 16 million from the State.

– Approximately EUR 2.8 million of this amount was returned to member municipalities on the basis of billing for the treatment and sampling of coronary patients.

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Thanks to the subsidy, the hospital district’s financial statements have a surplus of EUR 2.8 million. As the result is in surplus for the sixth year in a row, the hospital district’s balance sheet leaves more than EUR 13 million to be used in challenging economic situations.

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