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The corona figures in six graphs: largest number of patients since February 3 | NOW

Every day provides an overview of the most recent figures on the development of the corona virus in the Netherlands. These are the figures that are now available (Friday, March 26), brought together in six graphs.

Again more positive tests (7,644) than average (7,068)

RIVM reported 7,644 new positive tests on Friday. That is again more than the average in the past seven days (7,068). Although fewer positive tests were reported on Monday and Tuesday than the average for the seven days before, that number rose again above average on Wednesday and Thursday.

The health institute also reports 25 new corona-related deaths. Not all of these patients have died in the past 24 hours; there may be a delay between the reporting date and the date of death.

The table below shows the average of the past seven days, as well as the number of reported infections per day.

Number of established infections per day

Largest number of patients in hospitals since February 3

There are currently 2,221 corona patients in Dutch hospitals, 29 more than Thursday. It is the largest number of patients admitted since February 3.

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625 of them are in intensive care, six more than the day before. There are now 1,596 corona patients on the nursing wards, an increase from 23 in the past 24 hours.

The number of patients on the IC has now exceeded 600 for a week. Before that, it went back and forth between 550 and 600 for about two weeks, and the previous month the number fluctuated between 500 and 550.

Dutch corona patients in hospitals and on ICUs

Different clusters of infections in the country

The corona virus has spread throughout the Netherlands. The number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants is relatively high, especially in Limburg, the head of North Holland and the central Netherlands.

The numbers fluctuate on a daily basis. The data per municipality appears when you click on a municipality in the map.

Infections per municipality

Most deaths in age category 85 to 89 years

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The elderly are relatively hard hit by the corona virus. 66 percent of the corona patients who died were older than eighty. More than 81 percent were 75 years or older.

Most corona patients who died (23.5 percent) were between 85 and 89 years old. According to the RIVM, one baby has died of COVID-19 so far. The child also suffered from other underlying medical conditions.

The infographic below shows the number of infections and the number of deaths per age group. Blue stands for infections and red for deaths.

Fatalities and infections by age category

More men than women died of the virus

The RIVM receives more reports about men who died of COVID-19 than about female corona patients who died. Since February 27, 8,837 men have died from the effects of the virus, compared to 7,502 women.

In contrast, women tested positive for the virus more often than men. The RIVM reports 644,682 positive tests among women, while 568,593 men received a positive test result in the same time frame.

This difference may be partly due to the overrepresentation of women in care professions. At the beginning of the corona crisis, not everyone could be tested due to the limited testing capacity and it was mainly the care staff who were tested.

Number of positive tests and hospital admissions by gender

Source: RIVM©

A vaccine is administered every 1.3 seconds

In the Netherlands, approximately 2.2 million injections have been taken since the start of the vaccination campaign. All vaccines used so far consist of two doses. About 1.5 million people have now received a first dose of a corona vaccine. More than 600,000 people have also had a second injection.

With the current vaccination rate, someone gets an injection every 1.3 seconds on average, according to data from the corona dashboard. That is more than 35,000 per day.

Number of vaccinations per week

Follow the latest developments regarding the corona virus in our live blog.

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