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The congress of the PP in Seville leaves an open (and deep) wound between Gnova and the Andalusian PP

Saturday, March 27, 2021 – 13:56

The absence of the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, shows the internal crisis while the national leadership calls for unity after achieving his candidate, Virginia Prez, reelection amid complaints of irregularities

Virginia Prez, Teodoro Garca Egea, Loles Lpez and Pablo Montesinos, at the closing of the PP congress in Seville.

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    Breaking off.

    Open war between Gnova and the Andalusian PP after the battle of Seville: “That they do not make the same mistake again”

  • Internal crisis.

    Guide not to get lost in the war of the PP in Seville that end up in court

The landscape after the battle of Seville leaves deep wounds and difficult to heal in the Sevillian PP and a relationship, that of Gnova with the Andalusian PP, if not broken, very much touched.

The congress that has openly confronted the national PP of Pablo Casado and the regional of Juanma Moreno has culminated this Saturday with the consecration of the victory of the former and the re-election of its candidate, Virginia Prez, as president of the party in Seville. And in the official ceremony, held in a hotel in the capital, the internal rupture and the distance that right now separates Casado from Moreno has become evident. To the point that the Chairman of the Board has wanted to make clear his disagreement with the process and with the result and has done so in the most visible way, with his absence. In his place, the general secretary, Loles Lpez, has come.

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With this gesture, Moreno has wanted to show that he does not share the process and neither the party model, in short, that what happened in the PP of Seville has been a failure.

Sources from the regional leadership of the PP insisted on that line and stressed that the renovation in Seville “has not gone well” and that “citizens do not understand that, in the midst of the pandemic, we have not been able to agree.” In contrast, these sources claimed dialogue.

The congress of the PP in Seville was closed this Saturday by the secretary general, Teodoro Garca Egea, the great architect of the offensive of Genoa to control the territorial structure of the party by turning around the renewal process to start with the provincial congresses and on that idea he has insisted in his speech after making a call for unity, for an integration that seems rather more than complicated. .

“From now on there is only one list, only a team, a PP and everyone has to be in your team “, Garca Egea has told the re-elected president of the PP in Seville, who has also been entrusted with strengthening the provincial formation with one objective, that Pablo Casado reaches La Moncloa.

But in the conclave the absences They have been numerous and not only because of the restrictions derived from the pandemic. Although the most striking has been that of the president of the Andalusian PP, many of the mayors that the PP has in Seville have been missing, the first of them Juan Vila himself, alderman of Carmona and head of the alternative list to that of Prez who endorsed Moreno and his team.

Judicial remedies

Vila has sent a message to the affiliates confirming the rupture and that they continue for the it goes judicial with the lawsuits that have been filed after accusing Prez of “torpedoing” all the negotiations, including the last one, which lasted until a few hours before today’s congress.

To those absences and to that divine that has remained in the Sevillian PP has made direct allusion to the number three of the PP-A, which has opted for unity and for dialogue so that “those who are not here today feel part of the party again.”

López has also referred, although without explicit criticism, to the irregularities that the candidacy of Juan Vila has been denouncing and has said that “it is not bad to confront” but, he has qualified, “when the rules and with respect to colleagues “.

In a conciliatory tone, the brand new president of the PP in Seville has stressed that she knows very well where her adversaries are and that “they are never in the PP, where I have no rivals, only colleagues and friends.”

“Nothing worthwhile is built counting defeated,” insisted Prez, who has been endorsed by the 93% of the votes in this congress in which its critics reiterate that there have been multiple irregularities to the point of preventing many militants from participating in the process.

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