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The confidences of Laurent Combalbert, former negotiator of the Raid

INTERVIEWLaurent Combalbert has chosen to blur the lines between fiction and reality. This former negotiator with the Raid publishes his first novel, Nego, a fiction where he tells the difficulties of the profession of his main character, the negotiator Stan Monville. Guest of the show It feels good, Laurent Combalbert explains why some negotiations do not lead to the desired result, providing useful advice in passing in more daily discussions.

3% failures

“His field is crisis negotiations, complex negotiations”, explains Laurent Combalbert about his main character. “He works on kidnappings, extortion, ransomware, that is to say the taking of information systems hostage. His job will be to solve these problems in a peaceful way, by discussion, by negotiation.” A job that was his.

And the former negotiator with the Raid confides that he has not always fulfilled his mission. “I have a 97% success rate on the negotiations I lead,” he said. “We have failures, because there are negotiations that are not possible. This is the case when there is no common objective shared with the person or people opposite. crash because we miss information on the situation. “

“You are never a very good negotiator for yourself”

But, according to Laurent Combalbert, it is in the private sphere that it is most difficult to negotiate well. “Once you are emotionally involved, it’s complicated. You are never a very good negotiator for yourself,” he observes. This did not prevent him from negotiating well with his two ex-wives. “I had two very beautiful divorces because we had a common shared goal,” he theorizes, referring to their children and the common desire for their well-being.

It is moreover in front of the latter that the former collaborator of the Raid has the most difficulty not to flinch. “I admit that I negotiate with almost all profiles around the world, but facing my four children it’s very difficult to be efficient,” he smiles. A situation common to many parents, on which he casts an expert eye. “Children play on affect, and obviously we want them to like us. So it’s very difficult.”

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