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The competitive situation intensified by young people is finally shaking the women’s cross-country team – “In Finland it is slow” – Cross-country skiing

Head coach Teemu Pasanen expects an even wider march from young people.

Cross-country skiing Head coach of the Finnish national team Teemu Pasanen is pleased with how new skiers rose to the forefront of the women’s national team during the season. He would still like the march to be more abundant.

– In Finland, it is slow to make new ones rise to the international level. We need to pay attention to it so that they come faster and continuously, Pasanen summed up on the closing day of the Ristijärvi Finnish Championships.

The top of the results charts for the Finnish Championships was the celebration of experienced skiers. Only two skiers under the age of 30 won the medals on personal trips of the season: Johanna Matintalo and Jasmi Joensuu.

Matintalo won the gold of the traditional sprint in Pyhäjärvi and ten silver in Ristijärvi. Joensuu was the silver medalist in the sprint. Riitta-Liisa Roponen, 42, won the season both free championships and Krista Pärmäkoski, 30, traditional ten.

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Coincidentally or not, it was Joensuu, Matintalo, Roponen and Pärmäkoski who formed the Finnish message team that won bronze in the World Championships.

– Well, the overall situation is when we have new value competition medalists as well. It will feed others to tinker with training next summer. Everyone knows that it is possible to join the message team and achieve medals, Pärmäkoski comments.

After Matintalo and Joensuu, other young people have also signed up for the battle for the Olympic venues, so Kerttu Niskasen, Laura Monosen and Anne Kyllösen the situation is troubled.

Eveliina Piippo said he would be in Beijing unless he got to the operating table again. Displays in Oberstdorf and on the SM tracks showed that Vilma Nissinen is also on his way to the Olympic plane.

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– Surely the young people kick all the experienced forward. The new young enthusiasm encourages us others to do things well and fight for message places, Pärmäkoski said.

Pasanen also signs the importance of the competitive situation.

– Experienced are not involved for many years. It’s a good situation for young people to come and they start challenging parents. It also serves as a wake-up call for the more experienced.

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