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The “coalition” drops two Houthi marches and destroys two booby-trapped boats in Hodeidah – politics – files – developments in Yemen

The Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced yesterday the interception and destruction of two “booby-trapped” marches launched by the Houthi militia towards civilian objects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as foiled a terrorist attack on international shipping in the Red Sea waters, and while the Yemeni army and resistance forces began a military operation in Hajjah Governorate Battles continued on the fronts of Ma’rib and Taiz.

In the details, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced yesterday that it had intercepted and destroyed two “booby-trapped” drones launched by the Houthi militia towards Khamis Mushait, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Press Agency quoted the coalition that “the Houthi militia continues to try to target civilians,” stressing that all operational measures are taken to protect civilians from terrorist attacks.

The Arab coalition announced at dawn yesterday, the destruction of two booby-trapped boats belonging to the Houthi militia, before carrying out an imminent attack from Hodeidah towards international navigation in the Red Sea.

The coalition considered that the militias use the Stockholm Agreement as an umbrella to launch hostile attacks from Hudaydah Governorate and threaten shipping routes and global trade.

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Field sources in Hodeidah stated that the coalition launched raids on a booby-trapping workshop, which included booby-trapped boats belonging to the Houthi militia in the Al-Lahia district, which led to its destruction.

In Hodeidah, the joint forces monitored the flying of six militia surveillance drones in the sky of the districts of Hais and Al-Tuhayta, while the militias continued their violations of the UN armistice, and bombed the village of Beit Maghari in the district of Hays with 13 mortar shells, causing a state of panic and panic among the village residents.

In addition, the Jabaliya area of ​​At-Tuhayta was heavily bombed with 120 caliber mortar shells, causing disruption to farmers’ movement and movement.

In the west of Taiz, the joint forces managed to implement a detour operation against Houthi groups in the Al-Muqisa area, east of Al-Najiba, and chased them against the Al-Barah area of ​​the Maqabna district, west of the governorate.

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The army and resistance forces were able to thwart an attack by the Houthi militia towards their sites in the Maqabneh district, inflicting 13 dead and a number of wounded on them, and destroyed their combat vehicles.

In Hajjah, the army forces in the Fifth Military Region, backed by the local resistance and the Arab coalition, began a military operation from three axes, the first towards the city of Haradh on the border with Saudi Arabia, the second from Hiran towards the district of Mustaba, and from there towards the strategic triangle of Aham, and the third towards the Al-Baddah area and the Rab’a market The isolation of Bani Hassan in the Abs District, and it is now on the outskirts of an extended area near the center of the Abs District.

In Marib, battles continued between the army, tribes and the joint on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other side on the Al-Mashjah and Al-Kassara fronts, west of the governorate, with the continued raids of the Arab coalition, which targeted heavy Houthi reinforcements, tanks, armored vehicles, and armored vehicles, which the Houthi militia had brought from Sana’a. And hollow.

Meanwhile, Houthi militias bombed the camps for the displaced north of the city of Ma’rib with heavy weapons, coinciding with the arrival of displaced families to those camps.

The recent battles and raids on Marib left many dead among the militia’s ranks, among them prominent field leaders, including Major General Wadah Al-Dahhani, known as “Abu Nasrallah,” who comes from Saada Governorate, and Colonel Ali Al-Gharabani, known as “Abu Al-Hussein”, both of whom are close to the militia leader, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi.

During the past two days, the militias had made many of the leaderships that fell on the fronts of Ma’rib and Al-Jawf, including the Houthi leader, Abd al-Ilah Ali Mutahar Hamid al-Din, the Houthi leader, Brigadier General Abd al-Basit Hamid Hussein Qanban, nicknamed “Abu Ahmed”, and the leader Hamir Muhammad al-Ashwal, along with five of the leaders Descended from Amran governorate.

In Sanaa, local sources confirmed the death of the Houthi leader and the engineer of the “new imam project,” Major General Yahya al-Shami, while the Houthi leader, Muhammad al-Shami, appointed by the Houthis as an agent for the Capital Secretariat, was killed in an ambush on Friday’s tour on the airport road north of the capital.

The sources indicated that a liquidation operation is taking place against the Al-Shami family, which is one of the pillars and pillars of Houthi rule, as three Houthi leaders from the Al-Shami family were killed, namely Yahya Al-Shami, his son Zakaria Al-Shami and Muhammad Al-Shami, while Major General Abdul Qader Al-Shami, Vice President The National Security Agency “intelligence”, which was ambushed by the round of heaven.

Yesterday, the militias declared a state of emergency and alertness in the capital, Sanaa, in conjunction with the state of security chaos that the city has been experiencing for days.

In Al-Dhalea, the joint and southern forces managed to thwart a large-scale militia attack towards the Al-Fakher, Battar and Bab al-Ghulq sectors, in a new effort to penetrate the impregnable fortifications, and as usual, they did not achieve any of their goals, and incurred many deaths.

Fouad Jabbari, the spokesman for the Dhali axis fronts, stated that the joint and southern forces are always in high readiness, and fully prepared for all possibilities, which made the militias fail to achieve any progress in the governorate for months.

• Militias continue to violate the armistice and bomb a village in the district of Hais with 13 mortar shells.

• The recent battles for Marib have left many dead in the ranks of the militias.

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